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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Polly Brunkhardt

In Kansas City, Polly Brunkhardt is a former president and active member of her local Citizens’ Academy Alumni chapter.

In 2010, Mrs. Brunkhardt served as the chairperson for the FBI National Citizens’ Alumni Association (FBINCAA) and the coordinator for the FBI Community Outreach in-service held in Kansas City. In that role, she worked with FBI Headquarters staff to select, implement, and execute the FBINCAA’s first community engagement project.

In her role as the conference coordinator, Mrs. Brunkhardt worked for more than a year to locate local community partners and financial supporters for the community engagement project, which brought more than 200 FBI and FBICAAA members together in June 2010.

Working with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Kansas City Parks and Recreation, Mrs. Brunkhardt identified a local soccer league that serves more than 600 youth and teens. Despite the popularity of the league, which was started by two fathers looking to keep their sons out of gangs, their local field was in disrepair.

In an effort to build bridges between the Kansas City Field Office and the diverse Old Northeast neighborhood, which encompasses more than 54 different languages and cultures, Mrs. Brunkhardt located additional sponsors and, along with her conference committee and the FBI National Citizens’ Academy alumni, raised more than $20,000 for the project.

Through her efforts, FBI staff and Citizens’ Academy representatives from across the country traveled to Kansas City and worked to enhance the field—clearing overgrown brush and installing bleachers and picnic benches—with the goal of developing and enhancing relationships and providing a safe and usable environment for the children of the area.

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