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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Peace Valley Foundation

In Birmingham, the Peace Valley Foundation (PVF) works to build bridges in the Turkish American community, promoting better understanding and closer relations between individuals and communities.

As an organization, PVF hosts dialogue dinners, dialogue trips to Turkey, essay contests, and the Whirling Dervishes of Rumi. PVF seeks to proactively contribute to solving educational, cultural, environmental, social, and humanitarian issues.

FBI Citizens’ Academy graduate Satilmis Budak, PVF president, will be receiving the award on behalf of the Peace Valley Foundation.

Founded in Huntsville, Alabama, PVF has six chapters across the state. The group believes dialogue is critical to solving the world’s problems. PVF hopes to contribute to world peace by showcasing the Turkish historical experience of the art of living together via respect, acceptance, dialogue, love, and richness of faith and culture.

The ultimate goals of PVF, according to President Budak, are building bridges, promoting diversity, and preventing terrorism.

PVF operates on the following principals:

■We will not engage in debates because debate implies a winning and losing side. Dialogue should result in both sides winning by improving their understanding.
■We will not engage in political discourse since political differences often result in highlighting dissimilarities and feelings out of anger. Instead, we will focus on universal and timeless human values.
■We will focus on our similarities while acknowledging our genuine differences.
■We will respect everyone’s God given right to choose what they believe. It is possible to respect someone while not agreeing with them on every issue.
■We will work hard to remove misunderstandings and take the first step when necessary.

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