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Friday, April 08, 2011

Command Fitness Leader Course Updated

From Center for Personal and Professional Development Public Affairs, and Commander, Naval Installations Command Public Affairs

NORFOLK (NNS) -- The Navy announced improvements to the five-day Command Fitness Leadership (CFL) certification course as well as new resources available to support the physical readiness program in Navy administrative message (NAVADMIN) 118/11 released April 7.

The Center for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD), in collaboration with the Navy's Physical Readiness program office (OPNAV N135F), and Commander Navy Installations Command (CNIC), completed a comprehensive revision of the course in order to meet Navy education and training requirements for a certified Navy curriculum.

"CPPD was pleased to be able to work closely with our partners in delivering this update to our fitness leaders," said Capt. Chuck Hollingsworth, CPPD commanding officer. "Keeping Sailors fit and operationally ready is one of our goals, and I believe these changes will enable the CFLs to increase Sailor readiness."

An official course identification number has been issued (CIN S-562-0612), and upon successful course completion qualifications will be documented in the member's electronic service record.

Effective May 1, course registration quotas must be requested through the Catalog of Navy Training Courses (CANTRAC), and the complete application package, including all required supporting documentation, must be submitted via e-mail to cfl_training@navy.mil.

Once eligibility has been confirmed, the requesting command will receive confirmation via e-mail. Step-by-step instructions for registration can be found at WWW.NPC.Navy.mil/Commandsupport/PhysicalReadiness/.

"We anticipate the release of the new curriculum in summer 2011," said Lisa Sexauer, CNIC program manager, Fitness Sports and Deployed Forces Support. "This curriculum represents the collective work of many and we feel certain it will better meet the needs of our CFL's. I think we have successfully integrated more relevant exercise content and reduced redundancy therefore providing a more efficient product."

In addition to revising all of the lessons in the course covering such topics as administrative actions and improving Sailors' Physical Readiness Test (PRT) scores, all of the course graphics and exercise demonstrations were updated to ensure CFLs are given the basic tools to safely lead a command physical training (PT) session.

To provide further aid to CFLs, a new CFL page has been created on Navy Knowledge Online (NKO), under the personal development tab. Resources available on this new page include various physical readiness instructions, NAVADMIN messages, physical readiness information system (PRIMS) training videos, body composition assessment training and quota request information.

A new CNIC Physical Fitness website at www.navyfitness.org provides members with an assortment of fitness, nutrition, and Navy sports program information. It also includes deployed forces support such as mobile applications that Sailors can download and use while exercising. The new site also hosts Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling Series (NOFFS) program resources.

"The focus of NOFFS is optimal operational physical performance and fueling that includes more than 90 exercises," explained Diana Strock, CPPD senior advisor for health and fitness. "It is a series of four separate physical fitness programs designed to eliminate the guesswork in developing Sailor workout routines. It combines human performance, injury prevention strategies and proper nutrition designed for safer training and improving human performance."

For more information refer to NAVADMIN 118/11.

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