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Monday, April 04, 2011

Courage to be You

Jenny Williamson works with victims of human trafficking and helps educate the community about sex trafficking of minors. She has also led a fundraising campaign to purchase a ranch that can house young girls who have been rescued from a life of prostitution.

Currently, there are no other similar homes in Northern California for girls who are rescued from trafficking. With no place to go, many victims must be charged with a crime and taken to juvenile hall—the only safe group “house” that currently exists.

The founder and CEO of the non-profit Courage to be You, Ms. Williamson works to “equip, encourage, and empower individuals to discover their God-given purpose.” She bases her work on the principle that before any individual can recognize their potential and discover their purpose, their most basic human needs must be met.

Ms. Williamson believes that the world is changed one individual at a time. As a professionally trained life coach, former women’s ministry director, conference speaker, workshop leader, business owner, wife, mother, and very passionate cheerleader of those wanting to embark on a journey of purpose and passion, Ms. Williamson believes that discovering and fulfilling one’s unique purpose is the adventure of a lifetime.

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