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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Marin City

Bridge the Gap College Prep provides comprehensive educational support for children in Marin City, with the goal that every Marin City child remains and excels in school, graduates from high school, and completes college.

Since its inception in 1995, Bridge the Gap College Prep has been leading Marin City students to realize academic achievement through its extended learning program, evening tutoring, and other initiatives.

To date, more than 275 children—most living in generational poverty—have improved their academic performance through Bridge the Gap’s programs. By keeping children engaged in academics, Bridge the Gap College Prep programs have prevented many of the city’s most vulnerable children from being lured into violent street gangs, substance/drug abuse, juvenile delinquency, and/or criminal behavior.

Marin City is predominately comprised of minority communities who reside in high-density Section 8 housing. Residents experience high unemployment rates and live in a high-crime area, evidenced by the fact that 65 percent of the total number of calls served by the Marin County Sheriff’s Office resolve to Marin City.

FBI employees regularly volunteer as tutors for the program and have personally experienced the impact Bridge the Gap College Prep programs have on disadvantaged youth.

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