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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Andres Agostini Success Tenets For Leadership! Part 6

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Andres Agostini Success Tenets For Leadership!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Home Run

A short film exploring a true story that demonstrates winning may be unrelated to score.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Guard Leaders Meet to 'Add Value to America'

By Air Force Master Sgt. Mike R. Smith
Special to American Forces Press Service

Nov. 19, 2009 - "Adding Value to America" was the theme for more than 2,000 of the National Guard's senior Army and Air Force leaders from across the nation who gathered at the National Harbor outside the nation's capital this morning to kick off their first Joint Senior Leadership Conference. "We are here to celebrate a year's worth of activity that your Army and Air National Guard have accomplished," said Air Force Gen. Craig R. McKinley, chief of the National Guard Bureau, in his opening remarks. "I could not be more proud than to be here today and say 'thanks,' ... not only to you, but to your families for sacrificing so much, and for your employers, who make all of this happen."

McKinley noted on the conference's theme, and said "there has never been a more appropriate time in the Guard's history in looking at its relevance, effectiveness and efficiencies."

He told the conferees they would discuss issues collectively that they may never before have addressed, and that the strong relationships to be formed here this week are necessary to carry the Guard through its future challenges in war and in a time of fiscal constraints for the nation.

"I am convinced that we have the right leadership in this room for this time [and] for this nation," he said.

McKinley noted the mix of units, commands and states represented in the audience, and he described their gathering and networking throughout the week as "one of the primary reasons for the conference."

"As I visit the states, ... I see in every state command meeting an integrated group of soldiers and airmen," said McKinley. "I see the adjutants general developing joint force headquarters that are capable, that are strong, [and] that will meet the needs of the 21st century in both our domestic operations and operations overseas."

The conference runs through Nov. 21.

(Air Force Master Sgt. Mike R. Smith serves at the National Guard Bureau.)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Leadership By Socratic Method? By Andres Agostini (Andy)

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Lowering Risks and Upping Benefits. Isn't that a Responsibility of a True Leader?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Did Diversity Enable Terror?

General George Casey, Jr., the Army Chief of Staff, on CNN commenting on the possibility of “backlash” against Muslim servicembers said, “It would be a shame, as great a tragedy as this was, it would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well.” While diversity shouldn’t be a casualty, there should be a deep conversation within our military leadership on what diversity is and is not.

Diversity does make organizations stronger. There is significant organizational theory which demonstrates that bringing new and/or different viewpoints into an organization and synthesizing those viewpoints creates a stronger organization. It’s very much like writing a solid academic paper - thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Simply put, by reconciling different cultures, viewpoints and opinions with the mainstream organizational norms and values, the organization is stronger.

However, every viewpoint simply can’t be reconciled. Having people of the mainstream Muslim faith in our military does make the organization stronger. Their points of view are slightly different than their Christian and Jewish brothers and sisters. It is the ability to reconcile these differences that make the Military stronger. As more and more information pours out it is clear that Major Hasan wasn’t just a devout Muslim; he was a Jihadist.

Major Hasan’s apparent Jihadist views are inconsistent with our Democracy and our Military. They can not be reconciled. One of the questions for our Military leaders may be how people in Major Hasan’s chain of command misused the concept of diversity and allowed Hasan to remain in our Army.

Yes, this is America and anyone can say just about anything they want. American’s can hold any viewpoint. But that doesn’t mean we have to let people in our house, our workplaces, or, our Military.

About the Author
Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster, LAPD (ret.) is Chair of the Criminal Justice Program at the Union Institute and University and the author of books such as Police Technology and Leadership: Texas Hold ‘em Style

Thursday, November 12, 2009


As of Thursday, November 12, 2009


Theodore Roosevelt: “All the resources we need are in the mind.”

John Quincy Adams: “My toast would be, may our country be always successful, but whether successful or otherwise, always right.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Every great organization [convergence of leader and his / her co-leaders] is merely the lengthened shadow of a single man.”

Thomas Gaisford (1779 -1885): “Nor can I do better, in conclusion, THAN IMPRESS UPON YOU THE STUDY OF THE GREEK LITERATURE, which not only elevates above the vulgar herd, but leads not infrequently to positions of considerable emoluments.”

George Bernard Shaw: “The people who get on in this world are the ones who get up and look for the circumstances they want and, if they can’t find them, make them.”

Konrad Lorenz: “It is a good morning exercise for a research scientist to discard a pet hypothesis every day before breakfast.”

Professor Gary Hamel: “The bottleneck is at the top of the bottle.”

Stephen Covey: “Start with the end in mind.”

Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807 – 1882): “Men, I’m getting out of Rome. Anyone who wants to carry on the war against the outsiders, come with me. I can offer you neither honors nor wages; I offer you hunger, thirst, forced marches, battles and death. Anyone who loves his country, follow me.”

Confucius: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Harvey Mackay: “Success is getting up more than you fall down.”

Jim Rohn: “It is the set of the sails, not the direction of wind that determines which way we will go.”

Anonymous: “There are many things in life that will catch you eye, but only a few that will catch your heart …. Pursue those.”

Anonymous: “Life’s a struggle, but you can win.”

German proverb: “Humor is when you laugh anyway.”

No optimum management, whatsoever, can there exists if first there is not a greater and universal application of leadership! Remember, which is extremely true for leadership too, "Everything is related to everything else."

Evelyn Lindner: “‬Pessimism is a luxury of good times‭…‬ In difficult times,‭ ‬pessimism is a self-fulfilling,‭ ‬self-inflicted death sentence.‭”

The FUTURE always wishes to readily equip the present with novel information. Why? Because the FUTURE considers the PRESENT a failed stated in the realm of time, and does not desire to get implicated with the downsides of a sub-optimal fellow.

As the FUTURE gives the PRESENT a bad score and becomes judgmental on it, the PRESENT flagrantly denies and rejects the current existence of the FUTURE.

As the FUTURE paraphrases Shakespeare’s sentence (fears take away the good with which we could win) and executes it in the practice, the PRESENT feels a great animosity against such a maxim and habit.

The forthcoming FUTURES – already scattered among us – has a lot to offer to the PRESENT, namely an invaluable out-of-this-word-and-time source of narrative and numerical data (unexplored repository knowledge waiting to being seized and administered by the PRESENT and its inhabitants). Can you think of anyone more visionary than the king in his class, the FUTURE itself?

The PRESENT, unfortunately, is somehow anecdotal while the FUTURE ruthlessly and relentlessly abides by ever-emerging scientific truths. These truths contained vast gold mines for creation, recreation, and supercreation, as well as for devastation. The cultivated brains must root out the endless dangers to capture the benefits, so humankind prevails on Earth and much more beyond it if the Universe, too, –and its own dynamics– warrants such a license.

For the first time in history, we can work backward from our imagination rather than forward from our past. “In the midst of chaos, there is a learning lesson to assimilate. Sometimes the table is served for an OVER-LEARNING if the prepared mind is paying huge attention to the nano-granularity of details.” (Andy – Andres Agostini, Nov/23/2001, 8:34 p.m. EST).

“To me uncharted territory is the most splendorous ‘terra incognita’ territory, chiefly because of its sheer number of unknown knowns.” By Copyright 2009 Andres Agostini (Andy), Friday, May/08/2008 + Arlington, Virginia, USA

The term singularity entered the popular science culture with the 1993 presentation at NASA-sponsored conference of a seminal paper by San Diego State University statistician Vernor Vinge. The abstract of the famous essay is as daunting today as it was more than a decade ago: Permalink: http://www.ArchSingularity.blogspot.com

“Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended …Is such progress avoidable? If not to be avoided, can events be guided so that we may survive? These questions are investigated. Some possible answers (and some further dangers) are presented…”

“I just wonder if the FUTURE is always stalking on the PRESENT! Perhaps, it is so. One thing can be ascertained, because of its non erudite nature, the FUTURE (the over-ruling) is always filibustering the PRESENT (the enslaved).” (Andy – Andres Agostini, Jan/19/2009, 3:17 p.m. EST).

Andy-Andres Agostini: “these days—meaning: these seconds—the totality of all is in the making perpetual. That to be ‘in the making’ made—at this time—is relentlessly thought of and thought through way in advance. This is a technique to CURRENTLY get your brains over-insourced by zillion, practiced futuristic scenarios.” (Andy – Andres Agostini, Jan/17/2009, 10:21 p.m. EST).

"The FUTURE WILL HIT the PRESENT AND ITS RESPECTIVE GROUND, RUNNING. All of that as it has been seen up to the present time. This is a hyper-accelerated Eon and ever-increasingly by an over-exponential factor. Said ‘over-exponential factor,’ even when multiplied by many orders of magnitudes as in effect it is, the non-linear geometrical growth of it is by most people immeasurably underestimated." – (Andy – Andres Agostini, Jan/19/2009, 11:09 p.m. EST).

“To me–The PAST is more like Alice (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland). The PRESENT seems more like Mr. Hyde while the FUTURE appears to be more like the conspiracy of Dr. Jekyll and Dorian Gray. Perhaps, we will need the combined effort by Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christies to decipher the outright enigmas, namely those stemming from the always-awaited-but-intruding FUTURE.” – (Andy – Andres Agostini, Jan/19/2009, 11:21 p.m. EST).

“Progress is the future outcome of cascades of ‘current moments’ flowing divergently.” – (Andy – Andres Agostini, Jan/25/2009, 5:04 p.m. EST).

The PRESENT is introvert adhocracy as the FUTURE is technocracy in perpetuum.‭ ‬The PRESENT is an illiterate adhocratic one while the FUTURE is the technocratic, 'omni mode' savant.‭ ‬The PAST is hollow,‭ ‬inconsequential fossils.

Most business plans are ill-conceived indeed,‭ ‬as they are written-up and reckoned with the eyes fixed‭ ‬in prehistory.‭ ‬IF IT IS NOT AN ACTUAL SUB-SET OF A MUCH GREATER AND THOROUGH ADVANCED RISK MANAGEMENT STRATEGY,‭ ‬THE FIRM WILL MEET GARGANTUAN CHALLENGES.‭ ‬Otherwise,‭ ‬there will be great opportunities‭! ‬One end of the greatest Risk Management Effort‭ (‬extraneous to insurance,‭ ‬co-insurance,‭ ‬re-insurance,‭ ‬bonds,‭ ‬etc.‭) ‬is to entertaining the fiscally sound outcomes of a business,‭ ‬literally any business,‭ ‬challenge,‭ ‬or task.

This FUTURE,‭ ‬that throws around its weight through every facet of the PRESENT impiously,‭ ‬might be‭ ‬99.99%‭ ‬INEVITABLE.‭ ‬Inevitability,‭ ‬in this instance,‭ ‬equates to meaning that it will be a rogue dictator,‭ ‬over-ruling capriciously and solely by its way and taste.‭ ‬The unavoidable consequences of this FUTURE can be mitigated or at least somehow modulated.‭ ‬Evidently,‭ ‬this FUTURE‭’‬s UPSIDES can,‭ ‬perhaps,‭ ‬be seized and even amplified.‭ ‬To meet both requisites,‭ ‬there is one HUGE prerequisite before proceeding any further.‭ ‬That is,‭ ‬that the TOTALITY of HUMANKIND has to converge‭—‘‬on the doubles‭’—‬on the most essentials Herculean tasks to do in order to attempt the sustainability of the corresponding civilization as it is known‭ ‬/‭ ‬perceived now.

Possibly,‭ ‬this FUTURE will not have‭—‬as per the hopes treasured by all-walks-of-life eyewitnesses‭—‬a‭ ‬‘natural tendency.‭’‬ Put plainly,‭ ‬because it is being envisioned and worked-out preternaturally,‭ ‬this FUTURE may appear‭ ‬– before our naked eyes‭ ‬– with extreme tendencies and directives that evoke the most extravagant and transhuman mandate.‭ ‬The terms‭ “‬extravagant‭”‬ and‭ “‬transhuman,‭”‬ in this case,‭ ‬apply for even the ultimately leading-edge practitioner of the scientific realm,‭ ‬either within the eminent establishment,‭ ‬or those with an unauthenticated citizenship from the avant-garde renegade-verse.‭ ‬It might be a genuine deal,‭ ‬it‭ ‬might not‭?

Said dictator will not impersonate anyone.‭ ‬He will be THE maximum MONARCH OF TECHNOCRACY by his own right,‭ ‬Remember‭? ‬Yes,‭ ‬yes,‭ ‬yes‭—‬I know.‭ ‬Technocracy,‭ ‬the gentleman,‭ ‬just espoused a lady with an appalling temperament that looses composure oft,‭ ‬even before the state‭’‬s visits by the Holly Pope.‭ ‬Her fist name is‭ “‬Global.‭”‬ Her surname is‭ “‬Crises.‭”‬ That‭’‬s the reason why this‭ “‬power couple‭”‬ has made Sir Francis Bacon a best-selling icon,‭ ‬“FOR TIME IS THE GREATEST INNOVATOR.‭”‬ Gotten it‭?

The PRESENT carries on superfluously.‭ ‬But the FUTURE is over-impregnated and super-immersed with detailed meaning and significance and projected transgressively a là‭ ‬‘omni mode,‭’‬ as well as with its manifesting tangibly and intangibly pervasive ubiquity.

Perpetual innovation is a rogue truth to this PRESENT.‭ ‬The breadth,‭ ‬depth,‭ ‬scope,‭ ‬and rate of acceleration of this FUTURE‭’‬s perpetual innovation will be endless,‭ ‬endless so beyond the wildest dream or nightmare ever conceived by the ultimately noted or most criticized‭ ‬sci-fi writer.‭ ‬To attribute to this FUTURE‭’‬s perpetual innovation a quality of far-fetched will be an extreme over-simplification.

The PRESENT is a function of the PAST and,‭ ‬above all,‭ ‬a function of the FUTURE.‭ ‬The PRESENT is a function of the PAST only in part.‭ ‬Remember:‭ ‬The FUTURE is always pre-clashing and/or clashing the PRESENT,‭ ‬thus continuously shaping and re-shaping the PRESENT to a great extent.‭ ‬The FUTURE is,‭ ‬so to speak,‭ ‬30%‭ ‬a function of the PRESENT and‭ ‬70%‭ ‬a function of the FUTURE itself.‭ ‬The‭ ‬PRESENT is bathed by permanency and by the quality of being impermanent.‭ ‬The PRESENT is not a snapshot or fixed‭ (‬static‭)‬.‭ ‬It is the linkage,‭ ‬superposition,‭ ‬and/or intertwining of many films‭ (‬dynamical‭)‬.‭ ‬Its dynamism grants itself,‭ ‬the PRESENT,‭ ‬huge ambitions to becoming the FUTURE while trying to capture the‭ ‬‘here and now‭’‬ mirage.‭ ‬There are too many‭ ‬‘heres‭’‬ and a myriad of‭ ‬‘nows.‭’

The PRESENT is always infinite,‭ ‬unless its interrelationship with the FUTURE stops.‭ ‬The FUTURE is never endless unless a great‭ ‬anomaly takes place.

Concerning the PRESENT and specially the FUTURE,‭ ‬the great majority of people failed to considering the possibility of anything going wrong,‭ ‬no matter how remote the location or complexity‭ ‬of the implementation environment.

The PRESENT and the FUTURE engender tsunamis of CHANGES.‭ ‬When you altered your work because of competition and/or difficult times,‭ ‬you are CHANGING your professional occupation‭ (‬organizational strategy‭)‬.‭ ‬When you reflect and modify you innermost,‭ ‬you are CHANGING‭ ‬your essence to some extent.‭ ‬CHANGING your essence to being ADAPTABLE to ever-shifting realities.‭ ‬When CHANGE is always altering all types of CHANGES,‭ ‬the scientific properties of known and unknown changes get modified,‭ ‬sometimes profoundly.‭ ‬This extreme‭ ‬modification is what I have been referring to‭ ‬‘CHANGED CHANGES.‭’

CHANGED CHANGES make the overwhelming case for‭ ‬‘beyond unprecedented‭’‬ reinvention of humans,‭ ‬business and lifestyles,‭ ‬organizations,‭ ‬businesses,‭ ‬governments,‭ ‬nongovernmental organizations,‭ ‬societies,‭ ‬and worldwide society.‭ ‬In the process,‭ ‬the extreme makeover is in nothing superficial or similar.‭ ‬And the call is an abrupt wake-up alarm to all sorts of leaders,‭ ‬managers,‭ ‬entrepreneurs,‭ ‬business owners,‭ ‬government administrators,‭ ‬consultants,‭ ‬adviser,‭ ‬strategists,‭ ‬professors,‭ ‬teachers,‭ ‬students,‭ ‬researchers,‭ ‬and any breathing or cryogenized human being.

At the time being,‭ ‬it does not matter anymore where you come from and how this impact your‭ ‬‘current‭’‬ PRESENT.‭ ‬Instead,‭ ‬what is presently relevant for you to envision are the floating,‭ ‬fluxing,‭ ‬cross-railed FUTURES as they climb the treacherous building-block ladder,‭ ‬the ladder of accumulation of opportunities,‭ ‬challenges,‭ ‬and perplexing,‭ ‬but exuberant,‭ ‬tradeoffs.‭ ‬These tradeoffs poise the least‭ ‬thinkable of the unthinkable results,‭ ‬challenging our body‭ (‬physiology‭)‬,‭ ‬mind‭ (‬psychology‭)‬,‭ ‬and soul‭ (‬spirituality‭)‬.‭ ‬To apply for practical leadership credentials will be a nearly,‭ ‬though not impossible,‭ ‬insurmountable enterprise.

How insurmountable‭? ‬As nearly insurmountable as attempting to hike the Everest cloth-less,‭ ‬equipment-less,‭ ‬ill-prepared,‭ ‬without a crew and the indispensable Sherpa,‭ ‬as you walk and climb toward the mountain‭’‬s peak with your back focused on the peak and‭ ‬while your eyes are grabbed by the starting-point locus.‭ ‬You can always walk into the FUTURE backwards to revive the fossilized vestiges of blur/made-up memories that eat your soul out.

You know what the PAST is‭? ‬Reply:‭ ‬The eternal creative-tension discrepancies between the FUTURE and the PRESENT,‭ ‬encapsulated in a stream of segments from the‭ ‬‘preterit tense‭’‬ kingdom,‭ ‬a kingdom that is neither awaken nor significant.

Clearly,‭ ‬the genetics of the human beings will have a notable impact on the psychology and physiology of the humans until the FUTURE‭’‬s say.‭ ‬Such a say has a designated‭ ‬‘due time.‭’‬ By all effects,‭ ‬the FUTURE is always a representative of three facets.‭ ‬There is the facet of opportunities that we can call UPSIDE RISKS.‭ ‬Another facet is that of the likelihood of potential‭ ‬disruption.‭ ‬The former impersonates the DOWNSIDE RISK.‭ ‬Thirdly,‭ ‬there‭’‬s the facet of blended UPSIDE RISKS with DOWNSIDE RISKS.‭ ‬To really get the OPPORTUNITIES the DOWNSIDE RISKS must be terminated or,‭ ‬at least,‭ ‬mitigated.

Such eternal creative-tension discrepancies‭ ‬—as imposes the rogue and nearly ageless interrelationship between the FUTURE and the PRESENT‭—‬wage a‭ '‬preemptive war‭' ‬to get the PAST under retirement.‭ ‬These eternal creative-tension discrepancies make three major displacements.‭ ‬Firstly,‭ ‬it displaces the PAST to a corner where vestiges are fossilized but not looked after.‭ ‬Secondly,‭ ‬it displaces the PRESENT closer to the FUTURE.‭ ‬Thirdly,‭ ‬the FUTURE pulls pervasively the PRESENT to the FUTURE‭’‬s intimate spheres of influence,‭ ‬since this monarch‭ (‬the FUTURE‭) ‬wishes the PRESENT to be the ultimate,‭ ‬loyal subject of the FUTURE.‭ ‬This wish from the FUTURE is to this monarchical ruler a sine qua non without fail.

It must be mentioned that interrelationship between the FUTURE and the PRESENT is intense and‭ ‬will become increasingly more intense,‭ ‬beyond the boldest and lucid imagination.

Mother Nature is a great and loving and noble matriarch.‭ ‬The Universe is the oldest and wisest Patriarch,‭ ‬perhaps the elder son of the greatest intelligence of all.‭ ‬The Multiverse‭ (‬many universes with,‭ ‬at the same time,‭ ‬many dimensions‭) ‬is not only the maximum,‭ ‬all-enabling Patriarch,‭ ‬but also a pervasive Patrician holding the greatest intelligence,‭ ‬wealth,‭ ‬perhaps the elder son of omniscience,‭ ‬nanotechnology,‭ ‬biotechnology,‭ ‬robotics,‭ ‬and A.I.‭ (‬artificial intelligence‭)‬.

Successful and tough reverse-engineering captures breakthrough innovations for the PRESENT‭’‬ and from the FUTURE‭’‬s dominion.‭ ‬Reverse-engineer all regardless of its origins,‭ ‬terrestrial or extraterrestrial.‭ ‬This is important to bear in mind.

Successful and tough reverse-engineering captures breakthrough innovations for the PRESENT‭’‬ and from the FUTURE‭’‬s dominion.‭ ‬Reverse-engineer all regardless of its origins,‭ ‬terrestrial or extraterrestrial.‭ ‬This is important to bear in mind.

Every human is partly earthling and partly extraterrestrial.‭ ‬Why‭? ‬Because pre-biogenesis and bio-genesis was‭ (‬at least and as it seems‭) ‬massively instilled from the outer space.‭ ‬If extraterrestrial beings existed,‭ ‬they would be,‭ ‬in fact,‭ ‬siblings to current humans.‭ ‬How come‭? ‬Because there are other genesis different from biogenesis on Earth,‭ ‬whether within our knowledge or not.‭ ‬A genesis does not only take place only on Earth,‭ ‬but in the whole Universe if it is or not under‭ ‬known and unknown modes.‭

To capture benefits and to extreme-make-over leadership and to scientifically steward disruption potential,‭ ‬you need to understand the PRESENT,‭ ‬the FUTURE,‭ ‬and its frenzy interrelationship.‭ ‬In making this effort optimum‭—‬and among other prerequisites‭—‬we must find out and address two topics.‭ ‬One topic has to do with how we reached this PRESENT out of a scattered PAST‭’‬s technological accomplishment as we constructed an expanded knowledge repository just by practicing future scenarios through radiant foresight,‭ ‬far-sight,‭ ‬hindsight,‭ ‬insight,‭ ‬and innermost-sight.‭

Another topic is that insidious habit of the FUTURE in seducing the as-of-now PRESENTS while the citizens of such PRESENTS make us agent so many looking-forward changes that‭ ‬set afire the interrelationship between this PRESENT and this FUTURE.‭ ‬Now we know how we got to‭ ‬‘here‭’‬,‭ ‬‘here‭’‬ is the hyper-dynamism of flows,‭ ‬in-flows,‭ ‬counter-flows,‭ ‬avant-garde flows,‭ ‬crossed-pollinated flows,‭ ‬point-inflecting flows.‭ “‬As-of-now‭”‬ exactly refers to the PRESENT-FUTURE‭’‬s own tête-à-tête.

‭‘‬Here‭’‬,‭ ‬while in the PAST,‭ ‬was a bit statistical but never really so.‭ ‬The so-called‭ ‬‘here‭’‬ is undergoing a total immersion of numberless processes,‭ ‬transactions,‭ ‬deeds,‭ ‬etc.‭ ‬‘Here‭’‬ has always been mobilized.‭ ‬‘Now‭’‬ is motorized at a rate that is beyond awe-inspiring.‭ ‬We just got the‭ ‬‘now‭’‬ about right to this point.‭ ‬To turn savvier on this FUTURE,‭ ‬one must be a genius in his executions‭ (‬sic‭)‬.

Then,‭ ‬he‭ ‬/‭ ‬she has to make the greatest effort of all,‭ ‬that is,‭ ‬to‭ ‬think unthinkably in relation to present forces and respective futuristic trends‭—‬both subtle and dramatic ones as well as those driving and marshalling and enforcing just brute-force dramatic ones‭—‬by means of the practical implementation of scenario planning.‭

Thereinafter,‭ ‬your unthinkable thinking about FUTURES must become more refined,‭ ‬enhanced,‭ ‬exuberant,‭ ‬streamlined,‭ ‬diverse,‭ ‬expanded,‭ ‬and extended.‭ ‬In doing so,‭ ‬it never suffices to come up with a three-scenario forecast.‭ ‬Subsequently,‭ ‬forecasts must‭ ‬carry with you as many plausible or implausible scenarios as resources required never loosing the maximum rigor.‭ ‬Also,‭ ‬no optimum forecast is great enough if it is not accompanied of an arsenal of plans of contingency.‭ ‬Each scenario crafted must have its‭ ‬respective,‭ ‬unambiguous plan of contingency without a fail.

All of this is true for humans from the PAST and the PRESENT.‭ ‬Toward a more advanced time‭—‬and by means of reverse-engineering with the omniscience perspective‭—‬the humans will increasingly be of different constituents and design.‭

The PRESENT is always unnecessarily delayed or even lost and absent-minded because its limits are impermanent and capabilities are finite.‭ ‬The PRESENT never contemplates fast-forward-ly,‭ ‬but in reversal in so adding to its even greater disadvantage.‭ ‬The FUTURE operates beyond the offensive acceleration of‭ ‬‘light speed‭’‬-plus and nearly without or with zero limits or constraints or borders.‭ ‬The FUTURE is the Napoleonic Emperor that does everything only under its own terms,‭ ‬exploiting every advantage and disadvantage to its lucrative well-being and omni-ruling.

The FUTURE is accustomed to spying on the PRESENT.‭ ‬How come‭? ‬The FUTURE is the PRESENT‭’‬s debriefing one.‭ ‬The FUTURE is,‭ ‬in many cases a virtuoso,‭ ‬though it at times voyeurs the PRESENT.‭ ‬What a horrendous vice‭! ‬Such deed will NEVER be tolerated.‭ ‬How do you REHAB the FUTURE‭? ‬Group therapy‭? ‬Grouping it with whom‭?

The PRESENT is sleepwalking while the FUTURE is‭ ‬‘child like‭’‬ wondered by daydreaming.‭ ‬In the mean time,‭ ‬the post-modern modernity is a rush getting more and more modern by unprecedented‭ ‬‘shock and awe‭’‬ unearthed standards.

This criss-cross PRESENT will be reconstituted by the continually crinkum-crankum FUTURE inevitably.‭ ‬There is going on a terzetto in which the happenings are more or less like this:‭ ‬the PAST‭ (‬R.I.P‭)‬,‭ ‬the PRESENT‭ (‬thé dansant‭)‬,‭ ‬and the FUTURE‭ (‬tertium quid‭)‬.‭ ‬Clearly,‭ ‬the PAST is getting a CPR to be by historians.‭ ‬Earned in his own intellectual right,‭ ‬Jefferson stated:‭ “‬I prefer the dreams of the‭ ‬FUTURE than history.‭”

Who would dare not to appreciate that nanotechnology,‭ ‬biotechnology,‭ ‬bionics,‭ ‬and artificial intelligence making deep and steep inroads‭? ‬Incidentally,‭ ‬the definition of the omniscience perspective can be revised at www.AllSciCzar.blogspot.com as well.

The PRESENT is an absent-minded sardine while the FUTURE is giant cuttlefish in conspiracy with an octopus.

Ying and Yang have combined forces of subtle and dramatic origin.‭ ‬These days the PRESENT is a bit like a pseudo-harmonized Ying-Yang relationship.‭ ‬The FUTURE is only about Yang deeds.

The PRESENT is besieged by a bunch of dilettantes and poseurs.‭ ‬The FUTURE is‭—‬so to speak—shaped à la Sir Francis Drake.

The PRESENT is more like Huckleberry Finn while the FUTURE is perhaps the archetype‭ ‬of Genghis Khan and his Mongols.

The stream of as-of-now PRESENTS will become‭—‬to some extent‭—‬one of the forthcoming FUTURES.‭ ‬At some point ahead,‭ ‬a PRESENT will be ultimately integrated into a single FUTURE.‭ ‬Such a FUTURE,‭ ‬though,‭ ‬will reach a point in which being bio-based or bio-related or not in vivo at all will be splendorously awaken and active.‭ (‬March‭ ‬12,‭ ‬2009‭ ‬at‭ ‬1:34‭ ‬p.m.‭ ‬EST.‭ ‬By‭ ©‬ Copyright‭ ‬2009‭ ‬Andres Agostini‭ ‬‘Andy‭’‬ at www.AgostiniWorks.blogspot.com‭)‬.

Regardless of transhumanity,‭ ‬overhumanity,‭ ‬superhumanity, transbiologicals,‭ ‬nonhumanity and‭ ‬‘above and beyond‭’‬ humanity,‭ ‬the hard-core essential is and will be not being human but becoming and acting humanely.‭ (‬March‭ ‬12,‭ ‬2009‭ ‬at‭ ‬1:58‭ ‬p.m.‭ ‬EST.‭ ‬By‭ ©‬ Copyright‭ ‬2009‭ ‬Andres Agostini‭ ‬‘Andy‭’‬ at www.AgostiniWorks.blogspot.com‭)‬.

The PRESENTS are from appalling and contentious interrelationship between Venus and Mars.‭ ‬The FUTURES are only from stringent Mars.‭ ‬Go and ask about it Dr.‭ ‬John Gray.

The FUTURES are supervening upon the PRESENTS in combination with the ruthless forces possess by the own FUTURES.

The PRESENT concerns the animal and vegetable kingdoms.‭ ‬The FUTURE is only about beyond post-humanity and its staggering brute-force-and-dramatically-subtle INTELLIGENCE.

The PRESENT pertains to discovering science.‭ ‬The FUTURE is absolute science dominance and nearly infinite power.

The PRESENT is always misled and misleading, treasuring a great promise of deceit. The FUTURE is eloquently transparent and clear, crippling—in advance—violators of ethics, morality, principles, integrity, and dignity.


Speaking of, say, the difficulties engendered by the global stock markets,‭ ‬I learned a lesson quickly in‭ ‬1996.‭ ‬In the R&D efforts directly based on and implemented by‭ (and/‬or serving‭) ‬the‭ “‬industrial military complex,‭”‬ there is this great rejection of overdoing number crunching and the stemming modeling.‭ ‬In my experience,‭ ‬I have seen and found it valuable to grant more relevance to a combined used of‭ (‬FIRST AND FOREMOST‭) “‬Qualitative Analyzes‭”‬ and‭ (‬SECOND‭) ‬Espoused with responsible‭ “‬Quantitative Analyzes.‭”‬ Issues like‭ “‬fuzzy logic‭”‬ and the apparent‭, but untrue, “‬illogicality‭”‬ of quantum mechanics‭ (‬whose visionary logic is “covertly” embed ubiquitously‭) ‬makes me‭ (‬in my case‭) ‬to be extremely careful with such qualitative analyzes without sacrificing the quantitative ones.‭

Evidently, THERE IS A GREAT CONSTRAINT IN TRANSLATING (1) arguments, (2) subjectivenesses, (3) subtleties, (4) intricacies, (5) anomalies and phenomena, (6) overt and covert processes, (7) overt and covert interrelationships, interacting within your "targeted" framework INTO APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND APPLICABLE MATHEMATICAL FORMULAS. Regardless of the practitioner's I.Q. and his / her ‘Three Of Knowledge’, WILL IT SUFFICE (TO SATISFY INDEED THE ULTIMATE OUTPUT) TO EMBED (TO INPUT) SUCH COMPLEX RULES INTO A SPREADSHEET OR A SOFTWARE APPLICATION?

Dr. Ray Kurzweil suggests that although hardware’s processing power has increased dramatically since the invention of the first PC (and that of supercomputers) it will not suffice, to this date, to process items, among others, such as aforementioned "(1)" through "(2)." The throughput will be slow, so inappropriately, offering (if it can offer anything at all) an output (“expected and, above all, accurate, sustainable and reliable solution”) worse than deplorable.

Kurzweil also suggests that as hardware has been getting faster, the processing power of current software has been turning slower and slower, compared to the progression rate personified by current hardware. WHAT IS THEN THE QUESTION?


Right now, and in order to be more dependent on quantitative analyzes over qualitative analyses, we need "quantum mechanics" (nano-technology and biotechnology under hybridization) COMPUTERS to get the right outputs of the FUTURE into the PRESENT besieged by omni-mode obsolescence. Perhaps and within a decade or so from now, said computers– the constituency of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) will serve society with a stunning problem-solving ability beyond humanity's.

Subsequently and in the mean time, as we await those “quantum mechanics” computers and their respective re-birthed software applications (‘in silico’-based, neuronal-based, bio-based informatics once the brain’s reverse engineering is completed), we must grant much more relevance to bold qualitative analyses espoused with some considerations (as a sub-set of such qualitative analyses) given by qualitative analyses, especially when dealing with complex problems in an ever-increasing chaotic worldwide context.

On the stock markets–‭ ‬the insidious numericalization factor driven by‭ (‬i‭) ‬greed and‭ (‬ii‭) ‬lack of universal principles and diligent, evolutionary regulation, and (iii) an absence of a priori, real-time over-watching “due process” justice–,‭ ‬play hugely‭ (‬and this for the great pain of the Global Economy and its corresponding‭ ‬‘Global Finance‭’‬).‭ ‬
More on this is available at:‭ ‬


Robert Kennedy: The past is not the script of the future…Future is not a gift; it is a daily conquest.

RISK, What is it from a unique, new perspective? RESPONSE: Chiefly but not always, risk is pent-up energy. Pent-up energy waiting to becoming constructive or destructive or both. What type of energy does risk entail? RESPONSE: Mostly, KINETIC ENERGY (the energy possessed by a body because of its motion [or temporarily paused motion], equal to one half the mass of the body times the square of its speed).

As any ENERGY, it is within its nature to get transformed and transformed and transformed endlessly. To get transformed into a lucrative initiative, the unleashing-process is scientifically stewarded, so that ENERGY (as it contained in RISK) makes a successful (optimum) landing in the ‘right quadrant’ (so to speak, meaning superseding NASA’s greatest expectations by far. I immediately explain why NASA has to be in this example). By way of example and in this occurrence, let’s cite when NASA’s Rover made it over-perfectly on Mars. How do you like that? This is the accomplishment of an UPSIDE RISK. UPSIDE RISK is always fruitful and advantageous.

When the unleashing of the kinetic energy is not known or it has not been identified and controlled or when the management is ineffectual (because it is not scientific enough), it takes place towards the antipodes. This is the accomplishment of a DOWNSIDE RISK. DOWNSIDE RISK is always fruitless and disadvantageous. THE GOOD SIDE OF THE PROBLEMATIC OUTCOME IF THAT ENGENDERS NEW KNOWLEDGE AND HEIGHTENS AWARENESS. There is also an additional issue when the DOWNSIDE RISK crystallizes into a disruption or a loss. I will explain ASAP. The come-true DOWNSIDE RISK has a huge magnitude as the Global Financial and Economic Crises (GFCAC) overwhelmingly verify. Then, it starts to attract other unbeneficial RISKS. How?

RESPONSE: Such a milestone as the case study spoken of makes all-kinds of people bewildered, frightened, and sometimes paralyzed. Paralysis is in this arena an extra terrible characteristic. Actions are paralyzed because the mind is terrorized by those biblical-proportion tragedies. If the GFCAC got the minds of the world’s dignitaries in stalled—and that of the supporting system of staff of such dignitaries, How do these people respond effectively and efficaciously, say, to (a) Bombardments by anarchists, (b) Pandemic flu, (c) Global climate, (d) Over population, (e) Extremely-worsened Poverty—globally, so forth?

Once a pre-existential downside risk is brought into existence, all resources start to fall short. To begin with and recapping, the dignitaries’ minds get inattentive and jammed to hold a veritable consideration of a second or a third global crises at the same time (energy, wars, failed states, maritime piracy, petroleum dictators, etc.). And the good aspect of it is that we have an arsenal of technological tools, like never before, to make Earth better. Obviously, the 700-billion inhabitants of the globe—in one or other magnitude as it depends on his / her resource availability— each other must industriously and instantly help to get back to a decent life, globally.

“Omniscience is the only salvation of Earth (a) if stringent and absolute morality and ethics are universally practiced by the totality of individuals, and (b) if, concurrently, the 700-billion inhabitants collaborate lavishly and fluidly with each other. I am still a realistic with a touch of optimism. Said optimism will come true and grow if people become honest, compassionate, and helpful to each others, as well as when solidarity among each other is practiced universally. My optimism would raise the highest bar if the greatest majority of the 700-billion would become ‘good Samaritans’ genuinely. ” – Andres Agostini “Andy” (Jan/24/2009), 4:23 p.m. – Arlington, Virginia, USA at www.AgostiniWorks.blogspot.com

The most important resources, shared by everyone in different degrees, are the Intellectual Capital. Resources like trained ‘first responders’ are crucial. So is it with physical and digital infrastructure. Spiritual Capital is the perfect spouse of said “Intellectual Capital.” We must own the whole package without preconditions.

There is an even more important resource. Without it, the population of Earth can have a true ‘reality-check’ of how life is after life. What resource is that? RESPONSE: The Moral, Ethical, and Spiritual Capital! If humankind does have it and use it through its entirety, it got some chances. If humankind does not have it, go pray or meditate until the very last, forthcoming ‘reality-check’ talked about earlier. Even with the most splendorous omniscience marshaled in ‘omni mode’ mode, grave and universal violations to morality, ethics, as well as the pontification and application of corruption, said omniscience cannot prevent us from delighting us with a visit, without return, to life after life.

Amorality and immorality, beyond and above the banks and the stock markets of the world (and beginning with WORLDWIDE ‘Main Streets’), will ascertain the ultimate struggle to each and every specie on the face of Earth. IF WE, THE MOST-ADVANCED HOMINOIDS WISH IT TO BE OTHERWISE AND INSTILL VIABILITY TO OUR ONLY SPACECRAFT (THAT ONE THAT HOUSES THE 700-BILLION PEOPLE), THERE IS A MUCH BETTER CHANGE, NOT AN IMPEACHABLE GUARANTEE THOUGH. QUESTION: WHAT WILL BE YOUR OWN ELECTION ON BEHALF OF CIVILIZATION FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF ALL LIVING CREATURES ON THIS SPACESHIP, EARTH? RESPONSE: I just wonder, to be a bit kind to the reader!

In attempting to formulate futuristic scenarios –whereas one is expected to be practicing a drill from its furthest hindsight through plausible and even implausible foresight-driven outcomes (known or unknown ones, weirdest or not), there are many errors in the process. BUT WE MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT ERRORS ARE THE ULTIMATE LEARNING DEVICES AVAILABLE TO US. Clearly and only, if we register, document, and extract knowledge from said errors as a matter of a systematic habit brought into robust execution. ‘Futuristic scenarios’ practiced and ‘futures’ drilled are the landmark foundation to formulating a robust program of contingencies (countermeasures for the thinkable, unthinkable, expected, and/or unexpected).

Accelerating the ‘error making’ cycle–especially of those not so expensive undertakings–, allow the researcher, experimenter, and tester to capture more and more knowledge. Knowledge that is subject to falsification (à la Popper) or verification or amplification as it is deeply analyzed with other already applicable scientific truths.

Then, besides learning, one also becomes aware that must (a) get more and more prepared through the approach of omniscience (a bold effort to be made for good), and (b) that, in getting really prepared, his / her contingency planning will never be farfetched and/or too-farsighted in THESE TIMES OF THE ‘EVER-INCREASINGLY’ UNTHINKABLE ONES. THE UNTHINKABLE ONES WILL GET INCREASINGLY MORE AND MORE UNTHINKABLE. LET’S PAUSE THE GIRLIE CRY, GET PREPARED FOR AND USED TO THE WORSE. THE BRIGHT SIDE WILL ILLUMINATE A NEWLY-NASCENT ILLUSTRATION EON!

RISK, in general and by the public at large, is traditionally exceedingly underestimated. The mentioned underestimation carries with it a perpetually life-to-death disruption potential. By the way, this FUTURE has made a point of honor to demolish the traditions of times from the PAST and PRESENT. I am not sorry since Earth is not my invention. I disseminate onerous ideas and reflections for the greater good if that’s feasible at all.

What are the fundamental questions and reflections we are failing to formulate? What possible changes do we need to prepare for? Is there a toolbox to solving the challenges spoken of here? YES, ADVANCED RISK MANAGEMENT WITH THE OMNISCIENCE PERSPECTIVE—AND THROUGH MORALITY, ETHICS, AND PRINCIPLES—CAN TURN SOME IMPOSSIBLES, AS WELL AS SOME DISRUPTING POTENTIALS, INTO VIABLE ONES. That is, if there is not a major catastrophe in the world taking place and if the application of this discipline is instituted universally, literally by the totality of the population (clearly, with a variety of degrees through such application). If said ‘advanced risk management with the omniscience perspective…’ can, to a considerable extent, save civilization, HOW DO WE DISCUSS OUR WORLDWIDE CIVILIZATION’S CHALLENGES IN A USEFUL AND CONSTRUCTIVE WAY?


Corruption is within our genes. In the mean time it represents ONE of the most challenging EXISTENTIAL RISKS. IN FACT, of all global crises, the gravest one is the GLOBAL CRISIS OF CORRUPTION. Corruption, besides being a ruthless existential risk, is mostly ignorance and partly – in some cases – a major health illness and/or a result of a ill-projection of an evil “raw model.” An insurance company can pay you off (up to some amount and depending on many circumstances) for an employee that unlawfully appropriates organizational assets (any tangibles as well as any intangibles). Nonetheless, the insurance company only acts – and if one’s covered – post facto (i.e., a posteriori).

Having studied all kinds of risks – including maritime, kidnap and ransom, errors and omissions and those related to healthcare, complex manufacturing and avionics – I can easily assert the following. We in the West (North America and Western Europe as well as in Japan) have individuals and organizations that only manage scientifically. They are not too known and or popular. We practiced the most advanced (non insurance) risk management ever imagined. LIKE WHAT? To a great extent like that of DARPA, NASA, and other eminent scientists over and beyond DOD. My method is called “Transformative And Integrative Risk Management,” (TAIRM) and a bit more described at http://www.slideshare.net/andresagostini/definition-of-tranformative-and-integrative-risk-management-authored-by-copyright-2005-andres-agostini-andy-arlington-virginia-usa

I speak in first person because it is my method and I like to assume my comments. Everything, via TAIRM, deals – through applied omniscience as I have defined it at http://www.slideshare.net/andresagostini/1-1610862 – with clever actions way beyond any asset becoming compromised and flowing into disruption. To cite a quick example, TAIRM is heavily into Forensics Risk Management, the thoroughly studied taxonomy of a “happened” disruption potential that ultimately gained sufficient critical mass.

TAIRM aims – depending on the customer’s budget – at (a) Eliminating, (b) Decreasing, (c) Modulating, (d) Controlling RISKS IN ADVANCE to “exploit” their inherent and lucrative UPSIDES. WHY? When you do (ongoing-ly) your risks, YOU CAN CAPTURE YOUR FISCALLY SOUND EARNINGS. It is not about managing risks for the sake of risk is for the sake of sustainable and profitable growth, regardless of extreme business climate. THAT WHY EVERY BUSINESS PLAN IS ILL-CONCEIVED IF AND WHEN THE TOTALLY OF SAID BUSINESS PLAN IS NOT A SUB-CHAPTER OF A GRANDER PROGRAM AND STRATEGY OF ADVANCED RISK MANAGEMENT.

Many people become corrupted because they have the genes (genotype) for it. Others have a minor “output-ted” pre-genotype (phenotype) – that in getting related with the amplest environment – sometimes the phenotype and genotype become mutually reinforcing and synergistic both for evil and ill. When more than one person becomes a “cluster” with others with a tendency of having these problems, “energy” gains sufficient critical mass to implement outrageous malfeasance. IS THIS SOLVABLE AT ALL?

Yes, if you do the right things and you establish a relationship with an expert in the subject, an expert that is not a “snake oil” seller, but a consummated professional. He will co-manage – prior to you authorization – many unthinkable facets to cripple the violations against company’s policy, morality, integrity, and ethics. Unfortunately, nearly the totality of psychometric tests won’t render you the most covert and destructive case in due (opportune) time. TAIRM engages into a huge depth of understanding the personal cosmology of your firm’s personnel. All of this for a fraction of insurance premium program. The insurance company – as if we were speaking of mechanics – has “bearings” that only rotate within and through financial systems. TAIRM is highly sophisticated management brought to the field of action with the applied omniscience perspective among many other provisions. In fact, if insurance and reinsurance companies used TAIRM, they would be obliged to reduce immensely any premium rate. There is a great deal of cholesterol, greed, and red tape in most of said companies. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!

If we see the appalling problem by Mr. Madoff, we will clearly realize that the magnitudes of his multi-level “operation” was of epic proportion. But if we see this as an EXPRESS AND UTTER CONSPIRACY BROUGH TO ACTION, we will realize that this one will pale compared with other “operations” instituted either by “practitioners” from the private and public sectors, as well as by NGOs and, perhaps, supranationals. If one takes the time and counsel, I insist he can get the corruption out or at least to a quite manageable degree.

Corruption is a terrible form of ignorance. All risks stem from ignorance. The pharmaceutical remedy is applied omniscience to state succinctly. Many of these evil genes will be soon addressed by genomics’ gene therapy, namely with the modification and/or replacement of flawed genes. Clearly, there are not resources to cure those who suffer this illness within the almost and worldwide population of 800-billion “all walks of life” Main Streeters.

Incidentally, I am not a moralist not an ethicist. In any case, all humans are flawed. But not all humans are corrupted. My father died of a terrible disease because in practicing law he could not never ever stand corruption not committed by criminals but by judges themselves. Something extremely close happens to me, though I don’t get that upset. I have too many years working the positives and the negatives of the personal cosmology of the “human factor.” The human factor – regardless of the huge progression of science and technology – is making a swift walk backwards, ascertaining the greatest success of failure.

In less than 45 days, over 400 lives were lost because the “flying submarines” could not navigate “with an even keel” the sea waters. 400 lives are dead because of systemic and systematic and ever-increasingly universal corruption. The latter equates that, because of lack of Risk Management Implementation, those innocents lives were lost.

I do write, tweet, and author works reminding people that when a 4-year old child gets his candy stolen by an adult instituting a Bismarck’s stratagem, the worldwide human race is going back to the cavemen times. I am concerned about it. I insist that this is the gravest global crisis of Earth. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO INSURE THAT PEOPLE DEALING WITH THE FINANCIAL, ECOLOGICAL, ENERGY CRISES DO THE RIGHT THING IF THEIR HONESTY HAS BEEN TAKEN FOR GRANTED? I am seeing too much mediocrity. Many people have gone to the greatest universities and from their best up-bringings but they are determined to do things in evil and in error. Bertrand Russell stated: “I know more people who prefer to die than to think.” Corruption is, too, the ultimate crown jewel of Mediocrity Dom.


Everything has become so very complicated these days. Complexity, if the leader is to be truly successful and sustainably successful in increasingly amorphous, re-adaptable, unchartered waters, he must understand complexity multidimensionally. Identifying this fact and verifying its increasingly complex nature, take us to great depth and breadth of reflection. For a long while, all-walks-of life people has made some inappropriate jokes on, “…you don’t need a rocket scientists to do that…” Sometimes you do need a prominent scientist handy. Some other times you do need to operate on the breakthrough by such prominent scientist.

You explain how to make a pencil plainly – and in the process – you will miss a whole body of numerical and narrative data. But if you listen up to two manufacturing scientists to speak about the creation of a single and plain pencil, you’ll immediately realize that the great majority of even learned people have taken for granted, for decades, a number of flaw assumptions. Clearly, this is fact but this also a metaphor.

The pencil metaphor applies to any endeavor in life as it is brought about by the marshalling-in-the-entrenched-fields leaders. As people “satirize” the rocket scientists pejoratively, in general people oppose to those who – as per these current times – are against the simple conception (and linearity) of so-called “common sense.” Getting back for a second to rocket scientists, through NASA and for the totality of fields of knowledge, they opened up so many windows of opportunity to accessing to leading knowledge. How?

NASA’s scientists, leading some 400 different contractors for the Apollo Program, conceived and instilled to the Shakespearean lingua franca 20,000 new terms, new terms of universal usage by prominent thought leaders. Shakespeare, at his time, endowed the fascinating and sophisticated English language with 10,000 new words. Both efforts are highly appreciated by those who are always challenging Cambrian “common sense.” Who would dare to satirize the Apollo Program and its zillion of by-products and by-services, remembering that a “product” is a service waiting to happen?

I am a strong believer of perpetual education, perennial mind-shaping, eternal global sophistication, as well as extremely instituted preparation way before undertaking any responsibility. In preparing – having done your prior homework by thinking unthinkably – it is absolutely crucial to have a bold and broad contingency planning not for the sake of theory but for the sake of pragmatic and accelerated resolution of problems. “Theory” has been caricaturized heavily by some alleged leaders. Einstein, on the subject matter, reminds us: “I do not know of anything more practical than theory.”

A prominent Danish physicist, Dr. Niels Bohr (1885 – 1962), offered some words of wisdom to countermeasure the ridicule validity of “common sense.” His actual words were “One of the favorite maxims of my father was the distinction between the two sorts of truths, profound truths recognized by the fact that the opposite is also a profound truth, in contrast to trivialities where opposites are obviously absurd.” No more are these the times of Thomas Paine.

I need to add something important to the great intellect of Dr. Bohrs’ quotation. There are two additional dimensions of “truth” very much in use these days. One is the “adversarial truth” that is sentenced by a judge. The other – extremely important to me and without undermining the crucial value of due process jurisprudence – is the “scientific truth,” chiefly that as per the applied omniscience. Since in science the insidious “over- politicization” does not make an entrance, depth is much more profound and much less subjective.

Beyond taking this or that side, it is opportune to admit that honorable Senator Edward Kennedy was an actual personification of an engaged leader indeed. I do like – to a great extent – leadership as exercised by honorable president Ronald Reagan too. The United States and the World has lost a great leader. My condolences to the family and friends of Senator Kennedy.

Staying on our magnificent leadership theme, I have a story for you by John F. Kennedy. We know the world lived then an extremely difficult time with the Cold War, among other “amenities.” I suggest my colleagues and customers to read thrice the speech by President Kennedy at Rice University. There is this avid habit of John, Robert, and Edward – not meaning to rule out any other within that great family – that I am in most agreement with. And referring to the huge importance that they all gave to being totally immersed on continuous education and outgrowing their own selves. I have former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair in high regard. It is not my job to judge him on anything. As discussing some public policies in advancing the qualitative and quantity state of the British Education Systems, you could hear him repeat and repeat out-loudly three words, “EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION.”

NASA’s Chief Engineer Dr. Werner von Braun invited President Kennedy to witness the testing of some rocket engine in direct connection with the prior efforts that ascertain the triumph of the Apollo Program. As the President was on the respective site and walking through and to the observational location, he bumped into a maintenance gentleman. He noticed that he was brushing energetically the corridors of the NASA installation. More or less, President Kennedy asked this hard-working person, “What are you doing?” I think Mr. Kennedy noticed that the man was over-committed in being compliant with his work and still he looked proud of his “rough” responsibility. The man replied the President with these words, “…making certain that a Man goes to the Moon and comes back safely.” Clearly, this worker was following up on the most vocal speeches by President Kennedy. He is a canonical landmark example of the follower (co-leader). He, too, was a statesman.

When some of my friends, colleagues or customers asks me why I want to undertake a major, complex challenge, I respond to them – almost instinctively – “…because it is difficult…,” respectfully paraphrasing President Kennedy keynote and wisest speech.

Some authors, writers, editors, and bloggers use illustrations and tables among other “tools” to illustrate their ideas better. I use those and also institute the enunciation of great and even unknown quotations. I like to get my message across to be helpful. Some critics don’t like this but only the usage of wording. Archimedes and Pythagoras gave unimpeachable dissertations that do not favor said critics. These savants would not only write but draw and sketch, not to mention Leonardo da Vinci’s enterprises to enlighten souls and minds until these days.

In speaking about leadership – our central matter – we must see many flanks, especially those ignored by ages as we open up our minds to the most. Exercising leadership efficaciously and timely is an act of success capturing the designated goals and objectives early on.

I get people involved with some actionable tenets to get the leadership going above and beyond when the going gets tough too. I also use some “action” expressions – in the most accurate possible way – to get our minds even more prepared. Sometimes I make a great number of unanswered questions. Yes, I like to ask myself endless questions as well, 24/7.

To this end I believe useful to reflect on some words of wisdom by President Kennedy. WHY? Because, as per my POV, I believe it will serve us well extending and extending further our conceptions, assumptions, and perhaps our own system of beliefs, cosmosvision, and comfort zones, especially in reference with leadership.

He said: “Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friends and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans – born in this century [Twentieth Century], tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage – and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed, and to which we are committed today at home and around the world. Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”

Isn’t that great? Yet, Isn’t that valid as per this eons-streaming age? Isn’t this the precise personification of an actionable statesman? To be a true statesman you must first be a leader. The maintenance gentleman spoke about it before, that is, a statesman both leading and following within his / her frame of reference.

The American Heritage Dictionary, regarding the lexicon statesman, refers: “A man who is a LEADER in national or international affairs ... A male political LEADER regarded as a disinterested promoter of the public good … A man who is a respected leader in a given field.”

To gain a greater perspective on the term “statesman,” I will facilitate the definition the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. As follows:

“…one versed in the principles or art of government; especially : one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government or in shaping its policies … one who exercises political leadership wisely and without narrow partisanship.”

The compound term “and without narrow partisanship” exactly equates to win over the minds and souls of your crew (team). And you can only secure this by being extremely coherent among thought, word, and deed. Being accountable, responsible, and transparent – at all times regardless of whatever other considerations – will make one a successful leader.

On “statesman” the English Oxford Dictionary offers great insight in complement. “Person skilled, especially one taking prominent part, in management of State affairs; sagacious far-sighted practical politician … person of ripe years and experience whose counsel is therefore sought and valued …”

The Standard Encyclopedic Dictionary tell us, regarding a statesman, as ensues: “One who is skilled in government; a political leader of distinguished abilities … One engaged in government, or influential in state affairs…”

I found a new definition to enlighten us further by the Webster’s New World Dictionary. As follows: “A person who shows wisdom, skill, and vision in conducting state affairs and dealing with public issues, or one engaged in the business of government.”

All of these definitions touches the word government. Harvard University Professor Michael Porter extended the quality of the statesman to any type of organization, either public or private or for-a-profit or NGOs or supranationals (such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the Organization of American States, the World Bank, so forth).

The statesman leader is equally a great leader or a splendid follower. A governor, a major, a priest, a manager can each be statesman too.

I did speak a bit about the ego issues. To tell you my way, I prefer a great deal of ego than a great deal of low self-esteem. If the ego is sick, it should be institutionalized. This discussion is flying into loosing the sense of the ridicule. It reminds me of those byzantine deliberations regarding the genders of the Angels.

The EGO possessor has something extremely good. That is, he / she exudes energy like a gigantic dynamo. I have seen many so-called “ego-trippers” with great communication abilities, with compassion and civility, with a sense of cooperation, with a marked sense of following through directives, protocols, and norms. Many of those are extremely effective, not only while at leading but also while at following. Many of them have shown and demonstrated honorability. Yes, they do have objections when they see something wrong and they make a timely observation, critic immediately. They are never “yes-men,” they respect authority highly because said authority is as qualified and within lawfulness and legitimacy.

For some people, myself included, it is almost impossible to take part in a cohesive team that is in the process of undertaking a gargantuan challenge.

Some people are extremely proud of different GOOD THINGS. If those things allow the leader and follower (co-leader) to build a splendorous cathedral, What in Heaven’s is the problem?

Most of these people are over-accomplished and into over-accomplishing, making extremely nervous and anxious those citizens of the mediocrity-dom. That kingdom in which the subjects vehemently worship supine ignorance after having being to world-class academia and organizations.

Incidentally, a leader can be the ultimate acting and thinking machine. But the followers must be top-class too. Everything has become so stunningly treacherous, daring, and complex. Yes, a great leader can make a follower “make up” in a moment of weakness and emergency. But followers, as co-leaders, must be premium-graded people (mind, body, and soul). Some are born, some are made, but—the best ones—are those who have decided to self-discipline and purify themselves and eternally mortgage their own practical education. WHY?

Because no one is going to tender you the gift of applicable knowledge or effective wisdom by an act of magic (?). It is not a gift, it is an everyday conquest—that, by the way, is getting – every second – more and more demanding.


The “TRANSFOMARTIVE AND INTEGRATIVE RISK MANAGEMENT©“ (TAIRM) system is constituted of all activities, strategies and countermeasures necessary to achieve the optimum degree of disruption-potential elimination, modulation and control. This is attained with the TAIRM framework of pre-facto / during / post-facto / forensics / lessons learned / refinement / enhancement / restoration / continuity constraints of operational effectiveness, sustainability, time and cost. In the hard-core of TAIRM is embedded the implementation of the systematic, systemic, holistic, Gestalt, ecumenical application of management (all chapters), scientific (all disciplines), and engineering (all specializations) principles and fundamentals throughout all phases of the systems operation designated, in the maximum pursuit and execution toward applied omniscience.


What do I mean by instituting the Omniscience Perspective?
Applied Omniscience, WITH THE PERSPECTIVE OF…

This is a compilation on the lexicon applied “OMNISCIENCE” (ever-marshalling in crescendo the greatest attempt until the last exhale) to illustrate its meaning. When it comes time to manage risks, futures, opportunities, leadership and great pre-existential, existential challenges (sometimes labeled “global crises” with disruption potential in-roadding Earth’s existence itself) of this Era, via omniscience you exploit the positive facet of the challenge by crippling and/or modulating the disruption potential, partly or completely.

If the problem can’t be solved at the same knowledge level it was birthed, let’s raise the ante dramatically—beyond and above any yardstick—by instituting the omniscience perspective without any mercy at all.

Ipso facto, you center-stage SUCCES or desired outputs to your favor and that of your onboard crew. This vital notion must be imbedded in the neurons of any Milleniunn-3 Leader, otherwise nonsense is preached and practiced.

One must make the effort to get the closet possible to applicable, applicable omniscience in the day-to-day battlefield. The reader is fully entitled to make his / her own conclusion. It takes hard work in extremis and a for-Life tsunami of determination to somewhat embrace the practicality of this crucial concept.

I will first give the reader the dictionary’s definition of “PERSPECTIVE.” Why? Because the idea is TO MANAGE WITH THE OMNISCIENCE PERSPECTIVE. As follows: “per•spec•tive (p…r-spµk“t¹v) n. 1. The technique of representing three-dimensional objects and depth relationships on a two-dimensional surface. 2.a. A view or vista. b. A mental view or outlook. 3. The appearance of objects in depth as perceived by normal binocular vision. 4.a. The relationship of aspects of a subject to each other and to a whole. b. Subjective evaluation of relative significance; a point of view. c. The ability to perceive things in their actual interrelations or comparative importance. –per•spec•tive adj. Of, relating to, seen, or represented in perspective. –per•spec“tiv•al adj. –per•spec“tive•ly adv.”

This is the unified compilation of the Omniscience Definition:
(all of the following at the same time the whole time, increasingly so)

S.I.C.: “ … Having total knowledge; knowing everything … One having total knowledge … Pansophy: ‘universal knowledge or wisdom...system or work embracing all knowledge ... pol•y•math: A person of great or varied, updated learning … know•ing … all-knowingness … Possessing knowledge, information, or understanding … Showing clever awareness and resourcefulness; shrewd ... Suggestive of secret or private knowledge … conscious … having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight … possessed of universal or complete knowledge … the omniscient narrator … A person of great and varied learning … one who has rejected authority and dogma in favor of rational inquiry and speculation … learning ; erudition ; teachers of great knowledge ; one who takes advice or information from others … familiarity or awareness or understanding gained through experience and study …the sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered, and/or learned … specific information about something … narrative and numerical data gathered and assimilated … the mastery of many areas of learning reflected in a scholar’s work … a collection of facts and data (A man’s judgment cannot be better than the information on which he has based it) … that who constructs expert systems … deep extensive learning … the instructed one that instructs other to get further instructed … the methods, discipline, and attainments via academia, personal, professional, organizational, and in-the-battlefield experience … extensive knowledge … infinite knowledge … convergence of all wisdoms brought into one ultimate over-wisdom … the state or quality of having infinite knowledge; knowing all things … universal knowledge or wisdom … system or work embracing all systems … a person of great and diversified learning … including in one view everything within and beyond sight, insight, and farsight … having infinite discerned insightfulness … a person of encyclopedic learning … omniscientia knowledge … having learned much in several fields of study concurrently … educated, knowledgeable ; wise, sapient … that possessing great wisdom and sound judgment … that who has been and remains schooled by the university of ‘hard knocks’ … one that presumes that all things have not done sufficiently optimally … a self-dealing person with his mindful transformation towards possessing all-knowingness … healthy obsession with the nano-granularity of detail as it is pondering a collective multitude of subject matters …. Profound knowledge, deep knowledge, total command or mastery; specialism, specialized or special knowledge; expertise, proficiency; wide or vast or extensive knowledge, generalism, general knowledge (updated), interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary knowledge; encyclopedic knowledge, polymathy, polyhistory, pansophy … learning by inquiry … knowing all happenings in the life or development of a people, country, institution, etc. … all scientific accounts of a system of natural phenomena … eternal learning of the most complicated, fact-driven literature … hidden knowledge, recondite knowledge … Development of character and mental powers through systematic instruction and pervasive intellectual activities to amplify and sophisticate your talents, skills, and practices…Including the body of knowledge of hermetic and secretive societies and associations…Hermeneutics, that is: the science of interpretation and explanation, especially the branch of theology that deals with the general principles of Biblical interpretation… gnosis and omnignosis … Recognizing limitations (as well as the perpetual and systemically crippling instituted of said limitations) of expansionists scientific modes of inquiry and the need for additional, quite different approaches—together with the ever-emergence and always more expanded convergence of many knowledge specialties (inside and outside the realms of ‘scientific truth’ science), to the always-increasing quest for reality (including virtually-based reality), including the search for actionable answers to questions like the origin of the universe and its stunning derivatives (ruling in an stunning array of tangible and intangible sub-cosmos) as per physicists, astrophysicists, and astronomers’ findings, among those of others. ”


(*) Preparation begins with the utmost discipline of the mind.

General Colin Powell: “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” Quotation commentary: Clearly, education takes an immense part of preparation.

G. W. F. Hegel (1770 – 1831), German idealist philosopher: “Civil society has the right and duty of superintending and influencing education, inasmuch as education bears upon the child’s capacity to become a member of society. Society’s right here is paramount over the arbitrary and contingent preferences of parents.”

Andy: "Once you do your ethics, you can do your actionable knowledge. Once your actionable knowledge is done by you, you can do you future. When your future is done by you, you can do your risks. When risks are done by you, you can do your benefits."

Mostly, this work addresses some deep and yet wise reflections by Wernher von Braun and Napoleon Bonaparte. Both proved to be great leaders in their respective areas of dominion. Taking both considerations seriously will be extremely interesting and productive.

Many authors, speakers, and experts elaborate “in circles” about numerous traits and practices desirable for successful leadership. Nonetheless, they gravely fail to link their reflection to desirable and measurable objective, targets, and goals. It will never suffice to attempt (in failure) to shed light (out the unnecessarily abstract) by giving third-party examples whether accounts are real ones or fictitious ones. You cannot sublime the “gamed” abstracts to get readers in the marketplace while some authors offer the “seductive” attraction to buy some “literature” bathed by ambiguity for the sake of sales ratings. In practice this will not accomplish anything but disappointment and even bankruptcy for the avid reader and practitioner.

There are quite a few – sometimes many – optimum modes of leadership. There some wonderful leaders too. Precision and unambiguous actionable, transferrable language (a form of knowledge encoding) is beyond absolutely indispensable. Likewise, people speak and pontificate about “values” but they never specify unambiguously what his / her values really are about. Most reasonable people understand that without values specified and practiced consistently and congruently, one cannot exercise true leadership. No matter what some leadership authors and success speakers will not fail to address many vital subject matters in an ocean of ambiguity. The reader must get prepared to anticipate what literature and “key note” speeches he / she wishes to rule in or out.

Leadership is not only about accountability, transparency, and responsibility but also about adaptive and resilient effectiveness. The undersigned is thoroughly under the belief that in Century 21 – as many things are getting beyond reinvention – the leader is going to need “real time” qualitative updating. People like Sir Winston Churchill would have no problem to lead through these daring times at all. If one thinks that this into the theoretical realm, Einstein would tell him / her: “I do not know of anything more practical than theory.” No one can get to a new place with an old map!

Every sustainably successful leader must have his / her own system to think unthinkably for Life. The criticality of this matter is greatly ignored. This effort, of shaping and re-shaping one’s mind, goes on until the last breath marshaled. “The empires of the futures are the empires of the mind.” (Churchill). In my view, leadership is such a serious matter which requires the finest and newest from both science and art, not just art. Thorough lack of integrity, morality, and ethics does never make a true leader. Without those vital and actionable traits the “global crises of corruption” – immensely universally practiced – can never be mitigated and modulated. If the global crisis of corruption, as I like to term it, it is not massively countered on the face of Earth, it is childish to think that the global crises of, say, the climate, the economy, the geology, and geopolitics can be seriously addressed.

“…Education, strictly speaking, has several objectives: one needs to learn how to speak and write correctly, which is generally called grammar and belles letters. Each lyceum has provided for this object, and there is no well-educated man who has not learned his rhetoric. … After the need to speak and write correctly comes the ability to count and measure. The lyceums have provided this with classes in MATHEMATICS embracing arithmetical and MECHANICAL KNOWLEDGE IN THEIR DIFFERENT BRANCHES. … The elements of several other fields come next: chronology, geography, and the rudiments of history are also a part of the education of the lyceum …. A young man who leaves the lyceum at sixteen years of age therefore knows not only the mechanics of his language and the classical authors, the divisions of discourse, the different figures of eloquence, the means of employing them either to calm or arouse passions, in short, everything that one learns in a course on belles letters. He also would know the principal epochs of history, the basic geographical divisions, and how to compute and measure. He has some general idea of the most striking natural phenomena and the principles of equilibrium and movement both with regard to solids and fluids. … Whether he desires to follow the career of the barrister, that of the sword, or ENGLISH, or letters; if he is destined to enter into the body of scholars, to be a geographer, engineer, or land surveyor – in all these cases he has received a general education necessary to become equipped to receive the remainder of instruction that his circumstances require, and it is at this moment, when he must make his choice of a profession, that the special studies present themselves. … If he wishes to devote himself to the military art, engineering, or artillery, he enters a special school of MATHEMATICS, the polytechnique (institution, especially college dealing with or devoted to various TECHNICAL subjects). What he learns there is only the corollary of what he has learned in elementary mathematics, but the knowledge acquired in these studies must be developed and applied before he enters the different branches of ABSTRACT MATHEMATICS. NO LONGER IS IT A QUESTION SIMPLY OF EDUCATION, AS IN THE LYCEUM: NOW IT BECOMES A MATTER OF ACQUIRING A SCIENCE ….

Sir Ian Hamilton in 1921 on Napoleon: “It is only progressively that one can form a great army. Certainly no other commander in his day devoted as much thought and attention to organization as Napoleon, who went into painstaking detail to assure that his forces were disciplined, prepared, and ready to take the field. The army marches, works, and has its being by organization and discipline.”

“…The average citizen today, of course, has far more scientific information at his disposal than did those greatest of intellects of earlier times. Yet paradoxically, I think that there has never been a greater need for increased understanding and appreciation of science. It has been said that, although the choice of direction for our civilization will be determined through democratic process, it is there that the problem begins. To make rational choices, the average citizen must understand the nature and role of science at a time when its breadth and complexity are increasing almost exponentially. … Conversely, the scientist, at a time when he can barely keep up to date in his specialty, must not isolate himself in his parochial interest. Instead, he should see his profession as a part of the larger world, to evaluate himself and his work in relation to all forces, especially the humanities, which shape and advance society. The need, then, is for an educational process resulting in more scientific literacy for the layman, and more literacy in the humanities for the scientists. … Man in this scientific age is free only to the extent he has a grasp on himself and his surroundings. FREEDOM – THE ABILITY TO SPEAK, THINK, ACT AND VOTE INTELLIGENTLY – is based largely on our ability TO MAKE CHOICES growing out of our understanding of the issues involved. With each advance of science, there is an invitation to more understanding. This is the essence of the burden borne by all peoples since the dawn of humanity. There must be widespread understanding of the role of science in modern society, both as to its limits and our dependence on its basic function as a tool for our survival. This is the imperative for scientific literacy. … How do we encourage scientific literacy? I THINK THE PROBLEM IS HOW TO INSTILL IN STUDENTS A PERMANENT DESIRE TO LEARN. All youth is endowed with curiosity from the very beginning. What can education process do, not only to keep this natural curiosity alive, but to make it a permanent part of the individual drive? … Students should be encouraged, beyond learning facts, to be intrigued by objects and events in their environment, as well as to become aware of and responsive in a positive manner to beauty and orderliness in their environment. They should be taught to willingly subject their data and ideas to criticism of their peers while acquiring a critical, questioning attitude toward inferences, hypotheses and theories. Early in education, they should be led to recognize the limitations of scientific modes of inquiry and the need for additional, quite different approaches to the quest for reality… Ultimately, they should be instilled with an appreciation for THE INTERRELATEDNESS OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY. …This is essentially the scientific method. By learning the scientific method, students will understand its role in society and at the same time to think for themselves. LEARNING TO THINK FOR ONESELF, IN TURN, IMPARTS A DEEP SENSE OF FREEDOM. ONCE TESTED, AN APPETITE FOR IT IS FORMED WHICH MAY WELL ENDURE THROUGHOUT LIFE. …But if our young people are going to gain the appetite, our schools, our colleges, our universities, must bear an ever greater responsibility. ALL TOO MANY TIMES IN THE PAST, EDUCATION – PARTICULARLY IN THE SCIENTIFIC DISCIPLINES – HAS PLACED EXTREMELY HEAVY EMPHASIS ON TRANSMITTING THE ESTABLISHED KNOWLEDGE OF THE PAST. THERE HAS BEEN A TENDENCY FOR TEACHERS TO ASSIGN, AND TO ENCOURAGE ROTE LEARNING, INSTEAD OF TAKING THE ADMITTEDLY MORE DIFFICULT PATH OF ENCOURAGING STUDENTS TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES. … THE MAINSPRING OF SCIENCE IS CURIOSITY. SINCE TIME IMMEMORIAL, THERE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN MEN AND WOMEN WHO FELT A BURNING DESIRE TO KNOW WHAT WAS UNDER THE ROCK, BEYOND THE HILLS, ACROSS THE OCEANS. THIS RESTLESS BREED NOW WANT TO KNOW WHAT MAKES AN ATOM WORK, THROUGH WHAT PROCESS LIFE REPRODUCES ITSELF, OR WHAT IS THE GEOLOGICAL HISTORY OF THE MOON.
Yes, the Romanic cultures – to an appalling and unfortunate degree (and with the notorious exception of Leonardo Da Vinci) – have this overwhelming counter feeling against Napoleon Bonaparte’ and Wernher von Braun’s Success Prescriptions. When the subject matter is addressed, the respective incumbents take it as a violation to their traditions and not as an opportunity to grow beyond any past historic consideration.





I respect all POVs. I respect all professions. I respect all occupations. I respect all Credos. Everything said within the rule of law, stemming from a Democratic stance, I respect.

Many people notoriously and outrageously insist that leaders are just people with energy, inspiration (and inspirational) qualities, with great interpersonal skills, REGARDLESS OF THE INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL. Just that and nothing more to be included in the trait profile. This might have worked in Centuries 19 and 20. These times that is THOROUGHLY IMPOSSIBLE.

In this case and in my case, I do not support anarchists who are permanently challenging democracy and civility. Subsequently, intellectual capital here represents updated, leading exact sciences to the most. Clearly, all other disciplines are also important but come in subordinated.

In Europe and Latin American (Romanic World), an intellectual is, most of the times, a person who knows a lot about everything with a marking dislike for TRUE SCIENCE.

None of those are the leaders who I and we care for in our researching towards management and business. We do respect their personas though. Many of the mentioned people get their proximity to Applied State Of the Art with no basis, speculating from superficiality, and, in my opinion, making many mistakes that I will not enumerate now.

Nonetheless, there is something I can offer the reader. There are things that either are not believed or shocked the mind of the Infra-Leader in these (right-now) forceful times, unless your mindset is science-driven indeed.

Ensuing you’ll find astonishing, BUT SCIENTIFICALLY TRUE, facts and figures on our DNA, as Genomics makes increasing progression. READ IT CAREFULLY AND NOTE IT CALMLY.

“Most of your genetic information is contained within the double-stranded DNA molecules that reside within the nuclei of your cells. DNA molecules are so large that if the coiled DNA of a single cell were unraveled into a straight line, it would stretch more than 6 feet; if all the DNA in the human body were put to end, IT WOULD REACH TO THE SUN AND BACK MORE THAN 600 TIMES.”

QUESTION: How knowledgeable—in a ‘Society of KNOWLEDGE’—does an efficacious leader must be, immeasurably propelled by ruling science and technology?
Precautionary note: (Self) Precluded Science Immersion Equates to ZERO LEADERSHIP WITHOUT A FAIL.


1.- You can’t be a manager and/or an entrepreneur if you aren’t a Century-21 leader FIRST.

2.- You are not capable of being a Milleniium-3 leader if you not exude and electrify hope. Furthermore, Napoleonic cosmosvision must be espoused to said hope.

3.- To instill and disseminate and contaminate hope everywhere, one must be endowed with the arts and sciences of the greatest strategist. A ‘competitiveness waging’ practitioner needs to have an ample historic view interfaced with an immensurable determination to conceive and practice many insights and far-sights well in advance. For those insights and far-sights, readily actionable contingency planning must be taken into ‘beyond unthinkable’ precautions. Here is urgently called for to “thinking extramurally and sinuously,” further away from any system limits, dogma, or doctrine.

4.- To cohesively and coherently conjugate the PAST and the FUTURE ‒ along with the ever increasingly creative tension throughput-ted in said PRESENTS ‒, you have to use an extended (by far) version of the scenario method, an advance non SHELL’s scenario method (limited the future practices to a minutia of 3 scenarios) that deals with 20% (let’s say) of KNOWNS (THINKABLES BY PREPARED MINDS) and 80% (so to speak) of UNKNOWNS (UNTHINKABLES EVEN BY THE MOST EMINENT PREPARED MIND). If you do scenarios but you don’t sequester the “covert” and “subtle” mathematical patterns, you’re sub-optimal. Got it become an extremely function patternist, both with your BIO computer and your still in silico computer.

5.- You cannot be a scenarist if you are not first a consummated risk manager driven by the applied omniscience mental view and NEVER EVER by the impious financial system.

6.- To be the aforementioned risk expert (a management go-getter, as warfare-trained Doberman, in seizing
sustainable and increasing fiscally sound UPSIDES while — way in advance — mitigating, modulating, terminating, and controlling DOWNSIDES. “DOWNSIDES” here equates to potential disruption (existential or not, especially when leaving them untouched). This potential disruption countermeasure-r does not bring about some savings. He / she brings (make it happen) about a wealth of revenues out of incredibly disruptive, lucrative perils. He / she transforms RISKS into immediate, short-, mid-, long-term CASH, cash that engenders growth, innovation, and sustainability.

7.- To secure optimally the UPGRADING (qualitative condition) and UPPING (quantitative status) of the UPSIDES while stewarding the DOWNSIDES, you must be 150% immersed with science, technology, history, philosophy, theology, and jurisprudence just to briefly cite a fraction.

8.- Being absorbed with a constellation of facets concerning knowledge — both with a theoretical and empirical geneses —, you now need to have a lucid and emotionally over-charged vision.

9.- In order to make your lucid vision into a cashable breakthrough — and paraphrasing the Oxford Dictionary’s preface —, you must be an executable / applied “omniscience monster,” so that you can navigate the northeaster-ed unchartered waters in the Dom of Terra Incognita, tsunami-ed with a plethora of abstractions, intricacies, subtleties, “hidden” / “ignored flank” patterns and interrelationships, paradoxes, beloved anomalies, phenomena, predicaments, so forth into concrete, specific, counterintuitive, and palpable realities from intangibles and intangibles and more and more intangibles. INTANGIBLES will rule the world ruthlessly à la Tudor Family!

10.- To transform impossible realities into crystallized, eco-friendly, and fruitful, increasingly more qualitative outcomes, YOU MUST FIRST CONCEIVE AND DEVELOP THE FUTURE, quite oft (99.9%) many FUTURES. If you also wish to become truly serious at in-sourcing the distressed PRESENTS with the maximum novelties from the intruding, voyeuristic, pre-clashing FUTURES, those FUTURES that are always besieging the PRESENTS, you must over-discipline your mind, body, spirit, and soul to the utmost (in extremis indeed), thus turning yourself into unimpeachable professional futurologists or futurist.

NOTE_#1: Nothing will ever function with sustainability if morality and ethics don’t take precedent over anything and/or everything else.

NOTE_#2: If you don’t do your risks à la Gestalt (all-encompassing indeed) optimally, you will not capture your lucrative goals and the sustainable growth for said goals. Remember: Discern wholly and extramurally and sinuously!

NOTE_#3: To have material wealth, you must first have spiritual wealth (religious or not). To have spiritual wealth, you must have an insidious appetite and refined gusto for ΄always dynamical and in crescendo΄ womb-to-tomb intellectuality, that intellectuality that is brought in to the business battlefields staged in the global marketplace. Subsequently, in parallel (simultaneously) you must always nurture all types of wealth to gain critical mass to suffice and satisfy the inputs requirements for sustainable growth. NOW: “THINK GLOBAL AND ACT GLOBAL.” By © Copyright 2009 Andres Agostini (Andy).

NOTE_#4: If your corporate/organizational strategy is not absolutely ancillary to a GRANDER RISK MANAGEMET PROGRAM AND STRATEGY, your Business Plan will make your enterprise defunct without a fail (s.i.c.). The Organization of "STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT" is another infamous, unfashionable subchapter of the GRANDER RISK MANAGEMENT PROGRAM STRATEGY (embedded within holism and applied omniscience perspective.) When mentioning the term "Risk Management" I am only referring to my own, proprietary methodology: "Transformative And Integrative Risk Management" at www.slideshre.net/AndresAgostini. I can never speak on behalf of third party’s “methods.” I’m not apologetic to speak in first person since I am not backing off from my sole responsibilities. I will never attribute my correct or ill conceptions and findings to any third party whatsoever. I LOVE LOTS OF CLARITY, CLARITY, AND CHIEFLY ENLIGHTENED CLARITY. ANDY AND‭ ‬GRAND DAME MRS.‭ ‬KATHARINE‭ ‬HEPBURN ARE UNDER ABSOLUTE AGREEMENT:‭ “‬Nature‭ … ‬is what we are put in this world to rise above.‭”


How one should see (with or through):



-Andy: Leadership, if it is not subject to concrete objective & goals, is scatological indeed. Precision & lucidness of purpose is a must-have!

-Andy: Way too many ones speaking generically on VALUES & ETHICS. I know mine & where they come from. What are you values unambiguously? Really!

BRIEF INTRO (COMMENTARY): The reader, as his intellects speaks to mine about these ideas (success precepts for genuine, concrete leadership), should understand that this work is the Agostini Prescription To Ultimate Leadership in Millennium 3! Perhaps this bold approach will prove in practice that you can never reach a new place with an old map! In my handwriting and power, I have my own 45,000 tenets as the ones presented below. I use first person to claim authorship on the presented ideas. – Andres Agostini (Andy) at www.AgostiniWorks.blogspot.com and www.ecademy.com/account.php?op=cv&id=408933 and www.CyberCV.blogspot.com “Challenge yourself” which I have done this literally for a number of years. I find the derivatives of this term – to some substantial extent – quite Socratic.

THE BRITISH DIPLOMAT, A TRUE STATESMAN AND LEADER, AND HIS SIMPLE BUT PROFOUND COUNCIL (REAL LIFE): “You go somewhere and you try and understand that country because one day you may need to negotiate with that country.” The extreme incompetence of diplomatic leadership of some public servants in the world is begetting and begetting reckless belligerent actions in the theater of operations as some of the incumbents prefers “issuing” a projectile than a constructive statement.

There, too, can be a theater of operation in and for peace. There is no corner in the world that is no needy of truly smart diplomats so this mention is to the entirety of the world. Did you know you can launch a preemptive diplomatic campaign and prevail in peace and without making your counterpart sour or in humiliation? Honorable President Lincoln sentenced: “Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?" QUESTION: Do great armies need an even greater diplomatic force?

“Napoleon is the only man in Europe that knows the value of time.” — Czartoryski

WHY NAPOLEON? I mention Napoleon Bonaparte frequently. He finally got defeated by the British. I do admire an eminent British leader, especially Sir Winton Churchill who stated: “The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.” But I don’t admire Napoleon because of his war waging, either winning or losing. What I like about Napoleon is the following: (a) The vital importance he gave to education, (b) The extreme stewardship of the most advanced practices pertaining – as conceived by today’s exact science practitioners – of the Systems Methodology, (c) His grave interest for learning science, (d) His marked ambition in trying to understand and ultimately cope with all kinds of “phenomena” as per the forces of the Universe (strictly speaking from the scientific stance), and (e) His emphatic gusto for learning and speaking the English language and utilizing the disciplines of Science, a recurrent suggestion he made to the people he cared for. Many authors and academicians – researching the great captain waging wars in history – insist that, at least until 1999, the United States military establishment makes thorough doctrines out of Napoleon’s “best practices.” Corsica, his birthplace, is a Mediterranean isle of extremely proud, well-reasoned and hard-working people. Although Italy and France has fought over Corsica through many years back, Corsicans feel themselves – and make certain the “outsiders” of Earth get it – neither Italians nor French ones, just Corsicans. I am not a deity or official judge to take Napoleon’s military contributions to a trial. That is not my problem. My problem is, fundamentally, the immense degree of avidness for learning and getting prepared by this immense leader, as well as his findings and dissertations. When he first came to France to study military science, he did not speak fluid French. Even many of his most noted friends and colleagues – before his rising as an emperor and a military statesman – used to laugh at him because of his mumble and “foreign” accent and because of his short height. Very much to my luck and proud satisfaction, I made friends with a D-DAY Veteran, a very courageous, civil and a man of faith. We got fascinated in attempting to discuss and exchange ideas on some imbalances of the World’s realpolitik geopolitics at that time. I tendered him a World Atlas as a Christmas present as he gave me, in reciprocity, a treatise on Napoleon for my birthday because of our concurrent admiration of this historic figure — knowledge-driven — still making great inroads in many knowledge fields. In speaking of Napoleon, I do use habitually some vital mentions concerning his formidable WISDOM REGARDING EDUCATION AND EDUCATION ALONE, as well as for emphatic interest for Science and the English language. In these two practical traits – and beyond any ambiguity – Napoleon agreed with Voltaire’s view (or otherwise) to immense exactness.

EXPERIENCE AS PER BENJAMIN FRANKLYN! “Experience is a dear teacher, but fools will learn at no others.”


# 1 – This Leader Is An Actionable Statesman.
# 2 – This Leader is thoroughly moral and ethical in deed and spontaneously projected example.
# 3 – This Leader is happily located and navigating through Century 21.
# 4 – This Leader is, by far, focused on solid and increasing education and perpetual mind expansion, chiefly those acquired by solving truly complex problems systematically.
# 5 – Self-Pedagogue forever. Teaches to self-tech to his / her crew for Life.
# 6 – Leads, Co-Leads, Follows, Co-Follows, Plans, Co-Plans, Invents, Re-Invents, Co-Invents, Co-Reinvents, Executes, Co-Executes, Builds, Co-Builds, Envisions, Co-Envisions, Paves and Co-Paves Never-Thought-Of Pathways.
# 7 – Intuitive, Counterintuitive, and seamlessly blends both of the above without paralyzing in the analysis.
# 8 – Takes all – encompassing curiosity as it is operated in real time – beyond known and unknown extremes.
# 9 – Makes every mistake – own or that of the competitor – into his / her won victory.
# 10 – Doesn’t care how fluid and amorphous the limits, contexts and the dynamics of his / her blurred theater of operations are.
# 11 – Can strategize and prevail through many operational frameworks at once without getting bewildered.
# 12 – Challenges every assumption, doctrine and dogma ruthlessly and relentlessly, beginning with his / her own ones.
# 13 – Learns something practical, meaningful, and decisively productive and significant every day.
# 14 – Heightens crew’s sense of urgency and of focus.
# 15 – Re-adapts and re-invents resiliently and effortlessly regardless of whatever constraints and increasing pressures stemming from the frame of reference.
# 16 – Operates multidimensionally and cross-functionally.
# 17 – Constantly and boldly sets pre-conditions to maximize the likelihood of his / her triumphs.
# 18 – Always selects and develops his / her leadership constituency.
# 19 – Creates and applies his / her own – along with that of the team – body of knowledge.
# 20 – Does never ever institute “best practices,” but UNIQUE, premium-graded approaches.
# 21 – Carries on much swifter that “life cycles” intrinsic to products, services, challenges, and complex problem solving.
# 22 – Does not get concerned about his / her adversaries since the uniqueness and ever-upgrading quality of tactics, strategies and stratagems as applied.
# 23 – Harmonizes issues immediately. Yes, he fights against adversities and their proponents. But, at the end, this LEADER is a peace maker.
# 24 – His / her leadership is always (and robustly so) linked to concrete and unambiguous objective and goals.
# 25 – Always updates his methods, approaches, techniques, tactics, strategies, especially using those that are extraneous to so-called and already disrupted (published or unpublished) “history.” (Which one, that wrote by winners or that stated by losers or that always failing to have sufficient objectivity?)
# 26 – Continuously learns lessons – and improves those – both from incurred mistakes and from captured successes.
# 27 – Extracts information and knowledge – to be shared and brainstormed with the crew in advance – out of everything done, thought, as well as to be executed regardless of the incumbent.
# 28 – Wins only based on merit, principle, legitimacy and lawfulness.
# 29 – Strategizes the granularity of detail of everything. There is no such a thing as a leader that is not a strategist and a consummated visionary. Fringe, “terra incognita” and fuzzy-logic zones are highly stimulating to his / her starving intellect.
# 30 – Embraces leading-edge (even weird) science and its stemming technological derivatives immediately.
# 31 – Enjoys phenomena and prevails as he / she navigates through said phenomena.
# 32 – Is never commonsensical and always pervasively challenging long-held assumptions as he / she institutes the most unorthodox and exuberant novel practices (lavishly so).
# 33 – De-tools, tools, re-tools the amplification of the individual and collective intelligence within his / her crew.
# 34 – Instills how to operate autonomously and jointly – in pursuit of the same goals and objectives – to his / her followers and co-leaders.
# 35 – Learns from his / her mistakes, but empathizes to learn also from the mistakes of others.
# 36 – Fluidly shares experience and practical knowledge across every incumbent in the crew.
# 37 – Only thinks and performs à la unthinkable thinking.
# 38 – Disrupt the boundaries of unthinkable thinking, always going progressively more beyond such boundaries.
# 39 – Transforms new problems and old problems into actionable breakthrough opportunities.
# 40 – In his / her case and exercising this type of leadership, strongly and coherently insists on and applies three aspects: CIVILITY, CIVILITY, CIVILITY!
# 41 – Before chaos, he / she instills more and more chaos – of greater magnitude, scale and speed – to level off and outsmart the frame of reference targeted.
# 42 – Drives OPS with directness and / or indirectness, as well as with the loose/control hybridization mode.
# 43 – Shares of defined values as they get collegially upgraded for Life.
# 44 – Elicits conceptions of practiced futures to deal with and countermeasure way in advance.
# 45 – Fuses technology innovation with business strategy as a tool for competitive advantage.
# 46 – Conceives early and distinguishes it and exploits it strategic surprises attributable to competitors.
# 47 – Ascertains that there is not a single stone left unturned.
# 48 – Short-circuits to shortcut.
# 49 – Possesses innate ideas – in addition as those incubated by the crew – positioning himself / herself in the tabula rasa’s antipodes.
# 50 – Determined to support his / her fellow crew members even beyond his own skin.
# 51 – Is more willing to openly share fact-and-figure information regarding their interests, constraints, and priorities as they have earned each other’s trust.
# 52 – Invests in trust building prior to, during, and after their commando operations (regardless of the business enterprise or not theater of operations).
# 53 – Does not simply leverage trust when it is present; he / she builds trust when is absent.
# 54 – Is a poker-faced strategic visionary raising the ante and raising the scale of the latter as he / she modulates the timing and “landing” of the calculated risks waged.
# 55 – Alleviates fear and builds trust.
# 56 – Builds so many “strategic surprises” in his mind lab way in advance – in eternity overriding the most bizarre dreamed-of (and practiced) futures with the foresight and far-sight perspectives – in a way utterly impossible to be caught off guard by so-called in-the-ground reality (that is, nothing more than partially controlled hallucinations).
# 57 – Demolishes all forms of mediocrity, especially lying and manipulating within his amorphous and versatile crew, enabling the rogue ruling of the omni-mode optimum.
# 58 – Communicates pointblank as he / she elicits the content with clarity, respect, cordially and, above of all, an upped sense of urgency. Treasures reasoned fury for competitors, adversaries, and industrial spies, as well as in transmutation of weaknesses into stern strategic advantages over his / her contrarians.
# 59 – While focusing on several specific matters to tackle and their rules of engagement, he / she never loses sites of the contexts targeted by the other member of his crew. This LEADER has the clearest mentality that everything is related to everything else.
# 60 – Thinks “big picture” and wholly to operate comprehensively and multifacetedlly to state the very minimum.
# 61– However the primordial leader and the emboldened sprits de corps across the board within his / her crew, he / she unambiguously honors, respects and institutional rewards the highest hierarchies, as well as those under his / her watch.
# 62 – He / she, as well as the entirety of the crew, thinks in already practiced futures to in-source his / her individual and collective mind(s) with zillion actionable options from the originated one to out-strategize adversaries and ascertain indisputable prevailing.
# 63 – He views as scientists reportedly tell us as the horses see in real life, so that this holistic view and systemic and systematic engagement in the theater of operations – tremendously propelled by fore-sighting -- offers this Leader a lucid second nature in dealing with globality and the elements of the system (embedded in his blurring and flowingly blurring context) from the amplest perspective of that prepared mind that not only is capturing the uniqueness, the subtleties, and interrelationships of the challenge to be resolve (on the doubles) as they are posed by the theater of operations.
# 64 – When an action is to happen is not that bad and when the minds, spirits, and souls of these leaders and co-leaders are not counting with the greatest and most updated competitive intelligence (and, sometimes, rampant intelligentsia), this Leader, as per the medical maxim, engages into “first do no harm,” thereby awaiting for the soonest and best timing to besiege and conquer (WITH HONOR) the theater of operations.
# 65 – This Leader does not have only a passion, but he / she has an extremely well passion that does not allow said person to lose composure, aim, an strategic blueprint to shock and awe, via overbearing number of angles, the adversary to be turned in defeat by the collective unleashing of energy unload on to them for the ultimate domination.
# 66 – Establishes a great human-to-‘computational power’ intelligence close-loop feedback via artificial intelligence to access to and swiftly operate on the numerical and narrative data received between the terrain sustained gains and the ultimate goal to be captured within maximum control.
# 67 – Secures so many Pyrrhic and ‘ignored flank’ victories to improve his / her abilities – and that of the crew – while bringing about a dramatic but yet subtle and decisive breakthrough, very much to his / her advantage and that of humankind.
# 68 – When the leader approaches any important mission, he / she enters the process with the goal of looking for areas in which strategic value can be created.
# 69 – Helps disputant crew members to reach harmony thoroughly, not dwelling on the past but improving the perspective of his persona and that of the crew toward the immediate future.
# 70 – This leader fails so recurrently that, that in the final analysis, he / she affluently prevails. This worships his mistakes as sacrosanct learning devices that he, in the treasured futures, wins easily, independently of precarious terrains.
# 71 – Is forever building up – via transparency, accountability and responsibility – trust among his / her fellow co-leaders. In those critical missions, say of law enforcement, first responders and the military, the maximum on-site responsible one exercises a climate of distention and courtesy among his crew members. There is here a difficult balancing act – that is never a daring issue for the wise leader – is to offer support and friendliness without disrupting the limits between the professional life and personal one. Intimacy exchanges between the crew members of the same team will gravely compromise the integrity of the incumbents and their mission-critical responsibilities. The members incurred in such situation must be immediately relocated.
# 72 – Possesses clarity of thought and great depth and scope in contrarian’s judgment, as he / she avidly ponders above and beyond wholly.
# 73 – He / she grows mentally and intellectually in the midst of complexity, chaos, and anarchy, transforming the cited three factor in the tools to secure his triumph early.
# 74 – This Leader becomes responsible for assuming costs, losses, liabilities, behaviors, as well as outcomes.
# 75 – This Leader does not retaliate; he / she just prevails.
# 76 – This Leader’s mentality is ruled by his / her own should-self facet and never by his / her want / self one. In doing so, this Leader maximizes the long-term benefits.
# 77 – This Leader is always encouraging and supporting legitimate justice seeking.
# 78 – This Leader is much more of an asset than a hindrance in interacting with the members of his / her crew.
# 79 – This Leader is both robust, resilient and carries on non-linearly.
# 80 – This Leader is an over-communicator.
# 81 – This Leader is the hidden persuader to the greatest causes that transforms the World from a tiny bit of an annoying place into a better place, though interesting and educational in extremis.
# 82 – This Leader is more flexible, competent, industrious, diligent, trustworthy, rational, honest, fair, cooperative, and compassionate than his / her opponents.
# 83 – In succeeding, this Leader does not denigrate his / her opponents. He / she treat adversaries with highest decorum.
# 84 – This Leader radiant reasoning is analogically instituted.
# 85 – This Leader uses the insider’s lens, but much more emphatically utilizes the outsider’s lens.
# 86 – This Leader makes more with less.
# 87 – This Leader always operates better, when in the “battlefield,” the theater of operations has many sub-systems in and beyond ‘fringe’ status.
# 88 – This Leader is engaged in “real time” calibrating mode, quantitatively and qualitatively, the information, data, and arguments that you hear from them.
# 89 – This Leader cross-checks everything in its entirety.
# 90 – This Leader chooses and updates and upgrades his / her own appropriate measure of success.
# 91 – In his / her pondering and discerning processes, this Leader emphasizes – to the self and crew member fellows – the need to understand the other side’s perspective in advance and in continuum.
# 92 – This Leader discovers the hidden interests, priorities, constraints, patterns, and subtle ploys of the other side, allowing him / her to create strategic value more efficaciously.
# 93 – This Leader finds ways to overcome not only the reasonable objections of others, but also their close-mindedness.
# 94 – This Leader reserves consistency between their attempts and actions.
# 95 – This Leader, in order to protect the self, must make a judicious and salient effort to anticipate and mitigate powerful effects from strategies enforced.
# 96 – In each situation, this Leader provides his / her crew with strategies for seeing and uncovering more clearly the information that falls in your blind spot.
# 97 – This Leader thinks through the decision rulings, constraints, strategies, resource pressures, and politics of the other side.
# 98 – For this Leader, the other side information advantage is never in his / her blind spot.
# 99 – This Leader’s First Nature is to wholly trustworthy and never wholly trusting.
# 100 – This Leader is afraid neither the future nor the past but make a mark on the moment.
# 101 – This Leader resists the obvious to embrace the newness of ignored flanks.
# 102 – This Leader does not look through the mirror but every window.
# 103 – This Leader build bridges between failures and sustainable successes.
# 104 – This Leader’s greatest action is to pause to engender cross-pollinated perspectives from pondering, discernment, and actionable reflections.
# 105 – The only stasis this Leader knows is the order tendered by chaotic measures that institute and restore harmony.
# 106 – This Leader is the host of his / her co-leaders (Hostmanship).
# 107 – This Leader generates a lot of ideas and plans; looks for good ideas, not just his / her own but those of the crew.
# 108 – This Leader never abandons the power of saying what he / she believes and believing and executing what he / she says.
# 109 – This Leader operates based on that a good working relationship will work even better when all work on it together (esprit de corps).
# 110 – This Leader knows, that in engaging in a major initiative, the first moments are apt to be the most lively and decisive.
# 111 – While co-leaders are occupied with training, this Leader must set the tone for all of his / her consistency.
# 112 – This Leader takes care of his / her co-leader and look after him / her in detail.
# 113 – This Leader listens to his / her co-leaders’ complaints, inspect their tools and equipment, and satisfy himself / herself that co-leaders do not lack anything.
# 114 – This Leader demonstrates that takes his / her responsibilities seriously and devotes himself / herself completely to the co-leader, which in turn inspires the co-leader’s confidence.
# 115 – Before committing to any serious enterprise, this Leader and respective co-leaders perform frequent “drill evolutions” exercises.
# 116– In dealing with real-life business undertakings and struggling with competitor, maneuvers, strategies and tactics exceptionally mastered by this Leader knowing that the least hesitation could compromise the entire integrity of his / her crew and corresponding objectives and goals.
# 117 – This Leader makes his / her co-leaders acquaint with tactical skills. This Leader explains the THEORY to his / her co-leaders in a way that theory and practice become co-leader’s second nature.
# 118 – Under this type of Leadership good leaders, good cares, good organization, good instruction (theoretical and practical), and good discipline can provide good co-leaders regardless of the challenge they compete against.
# 119 – For this Leader the bottomline is: The real objective of having a LEADERSHIP is to provide for desired relevant outcomes. For this Leader preparation is not only based on the organization of the LEADERSHIP TEAM but the indispensability of said organization is, by far, much more all-encompassing and strategically decisive.
# 120 – This Leader believes that secrecy, discipline, morale and competitive intelligence are instrumental to his / her many successes in business, management and organizational transformation.
# 121 – This Leader knows that “quiet” historic times around the world offer some type of “acceptable” bureaucratic environment. This Leader also knows that he / she must turn the environment fluidly “lean and mean,” especially when every facet of the world order is by each 24 hours disrupting every historic precedent known.
# 122 – This Leader is aware of the strategy and of the damage that could result from a false sense of economizing the granularity of details pertaining to the depth and scope and nature of said strategy.



There are many ways to empower the self with savvy power of own discernment. By way of example, let’s touch two practical items. There is, from this corner or angle, a huge thinking empowerment when the incumbent (i) is able to do, and (ii) is as well aware of becoming self-refrained to being able to do. People from the East part of the world declare, “sometimes less is more.” This is really true, chiefly for those people that bring science and other forms of knowledge way beyond and above the ‘farfetched’ extremes. It takes a rogue and tough– though with extreme refinement– mind to be extremely insightful to know when to cut-back on the intensity of his / her specific line of practice at the moment. In most case, the need for MUCH MORE is, by large, the optimal rule lacking to our disgrace. Of course, because this manager’s disgrace– when gains critical mass into being a pseudo-universal practice–is adding up an immensurable burden to global civilization. That is why so many noted statesmen, such as former Prime Minister Tony Blair, make a huge emphasis on education. I believe, when dealing with this crucial issue, he pronounces the term “education” thrice every time. By his own earned right, Warren Buffet is also aligned with Blair, supporting broadly and boldly the problem to enhancing education at all levels. Bill Gates, too, has addressed the U.S. Senate on the relevance and urgency of the troubling topic.

ANDRES AGOSTINI SUCCESS TENET # 26 - (metaphoric ideas for updated management practitioners)
Don’t worry about being surprised by the unexpected. Just carry on expecting the unexpected, regardless of the implicated chaos. Create instability as the essence of your strategy. Keep in mind: a more volatile external environment requires a less stable internal world. Seek out substitutes and opportunities to increase productivity by measuring the mass used in your business today, and getting it to decrease every year. Respond with more rapid and varied adaptation.

Conduct thousands of tests of products, prices, features, packages, marketing channels, credit policies, account management, customer service, collections, and retention. Make informed but subjective judgments. Push ahead before the competition could catch up. Seize the opportunity—even when not really prepared.

Empower talented people. Accelerate talented people very quickly, because that’s where you get the value. Place bets on future values. Cross boundaries, change jobs, and form new teams to meet evolving needs. Align with the business. Use good economic judgment. Be flexible. And be empathetic to your colleagues.

It’s okay to break the rules in the right way. Going around doing randomly disconnected things. Develop all the peripheral relationships you need to be effective organizationally. Manage the connections rather than the structure. Also know how to hybridize.

Reach out to others with corresponding roles across the organization to learn and share ideas. Move around and support your colleagues when needed. Enable innovation by bringing DIVERSE elements together. Without these kinds of connections, DIVERSITY has little inherent value.

Empower others and yourself by the whole chaotic percolation of ideas at the bottom of the organization. Bear in mind: Empirical evidence, based on small tests, always carried the day. Attract very bright people with initial proof of concept, then plug them into your organizational structure.

Maintain common interfaces and cross-functional capabilities that allow work to flow and value chains to talk to each other. Harvest the idea, then propagate it wildly before the mimicry of competition sets in.

Employ diversification to spread their risks. Be willing to take the risk of shaping the future according to your own design. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, but don put all your eggs in one basket. Beware of this: Discontinuities, irregularities, and volatilities seem to be proliferating. Remember: Without risks, life poses no mystery.

Seed, select, amplify, and destabilize the situation are the two management ideas for accelerated evolution. Don’t expect a perfect feedback system in a volatile environment. Don’t be excellent at doing; be excellent at changing, too.

Explore the extremes, where nonlinear effects kick in. Sometimes, the extremes contain pleasant, nonlinear surprises. Imagine things that engender loyalty towards your organization. Through experimentation with detailed measurements and discipline and logical analysis, you find profitable innovations.

Test things at the bottom of the organization that lead to big insights. Test, experiment, measure, and optimize. Institute hard-core analytic optimization. Architect your entire infrastructure to operate in real time. Let your account-management programs to be driven by experimentation.

Dream up programs that might be of value to customers, and then test them. A successful test often triggers other behaviors, and you should follow these with more new offers. Shift to roll-out, because ah of a sudden your competition get a preponderance of one product of my organization that they’ve never seen before.

Have a free flow of resources to where the value is. Rather than penalizing people who fail, praise them for their commitment and intentions. Reinforce the tolerance of risk and failure. Revise your best practices. Observe, orient, decide, act. First to fight now means first to learn.

Fly great distances, meet new people, and encounter new ideas. Have a freedom of thought, the passion for experimentation, and the desire to imagine your future. Believe in not commonly believed opinions.

It’s about getting more from less. That’s the true road to wealth. Focus on changes, challenges, and opportunities. Earn more while spending less. Reach a higher level of output. Pursue profit maximization. Remain competitive. Adapt to revolutionary innovations in technology and business efficiency the soonest. Craft value creating relationships. Establish guidelines, offer insight, and provide inspiration. Identify, analyze, and maximize your learning opportunities.

Evaluate, identify, select, negotiate, manage, turn around, govern, implement, anticipate, and ensure success. Generate immediate cost savings. Realize a cash infusion from the sale of assets. Relieve the burden of staffing.

Be freer to direct your attention to the more strategic aspects of your job. Keep your logic compelling.

Destabilize in order to live closer to the edge of chaos. This means being agile enough to change as the environment does, but not so fluid as to lose its defining structure. Walk the walk as well as talking the talk of the Adaptive Enterprise.

A lesson: The word adaptation describes the interaction between an organism and its environment.

TO BEAR IN MIND! But one thing an evolutionary and ecological perspective tells us for sure: If several major forces are at work, they will not progress in separate straight lines —they will interact chaotically, creating unforeseen changes.

Be willing to adapt very quickly, to pounce on an opportunity when you see it, to change the organization, to think about new developments, and to be always very open to any change in any direction.

You have to be the equivalent of selective forces in nature, which calls for a willingness to let people in the organization to explore, to flourish and develop.

Separate to promote independence, selfish thinking, and local solutions. Learn from each other’s mistakes and successes, and you’ll get better and be able to operate at a much more accelerated pace, based upon the knowledge that has been transferred.

Get your organization into a massive amount of knowledge and experience that creates a great breeding stock for subsequent ventures.

Explore continually evolving technology and applications, while also creating different units to exploit commercial opportunities not always closely related to the founding capabilities.

Replenish customers on demand. Take the client as an agent, and create an agent-based point of view.
Seek the hidden. De-learn the learned. Make the covert overt. Implement ipso facto.

De-peril your risks. Empower your financial risks to work for you. Hire them; get resigned from your bricks-and-mortars (a future not plausible).

Plan, lead, and manage.

Understand your business depth today. Develop better ways to service your enterprise in the future.

Before “outsourcing,” NOW ‘Worldwide Sourcing’ or ‘Competitive Sourcing’.

Have fewer staff and run a lean operation. Favor those who leverage third-party relationships that don’t tie up capital and consume resources.

Strategically enhance your organization’s core competencies. Address any outstanding issue with your employees, unions, and the community. Find the lowest total cost or best value.

Recognize impact on internal operations. Capture the big picture.

Track benefits, realize quick wins, and motivate critical stakeholders to remain committed.

Early anticipation of changes can drastically reduce the time and cost of addressing them. Seek the quick win (that long forgotten in an ignored —but mission-critical— flank).

Research assiduously which of the available external market capabilities fit best with your strategic objectives.

Articulate these management principles more precisely, implement them more systematically, and rely less on the intuition of a few gifted leaders. Don’t write strategy, GROW IT. Don’t think in terms of maximizing your share of the market but of maximizing your share of experience. Build an innovation laboratory capable of creating a steady stream of the new ideas to stay ahead of the competition.

Differentiate or die. Be mindful that improvisation is too important to be left to the fortuitous. Consider that life is sustainable through the unperceived and those universal laws that are unknown to us. Continuity is over-dead; it hasn’t yet reincarnated. History will be reshaped by the sudden and sharp change, namely “frenzy volatility.”

Launch your employees with confidence into a somewhat chaotic environment, knowing that they will direct themselves toward optimal performance to success. Instill in the staff a loose, self-organizing culture—in search of new opportunities. Motivate and develop others to learn to change to prevail. Sharing ideas, “…an eye is not an eye because you see it; an eye is an eye because it sees you…” —Antonio Machado. Nonetheless, as per The Panchatantra: “Knowledge is the true organ of sight, not the eyes.”

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