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Sunday, April 03, 2011

M.A.N. U.P.

Travis Terrell Gabriel, Safe Coordinator with Orange County Schools, works as a positive role model to at-risk youth. Six years ago, he started Modeling Alternatives to Negative and Undesirable Perceptions, or M.A.N. U.P., which is used by the State Attorney’s Office as a diversion program, allowing first-time offenders a chance to avoid formal prosecution if diversion requirements are successfully completed.

The six-week program for at-risk males teaches young men values including discipline, respect, motivation, honesty, and becoming positive assets to society.

Growing up in a high-crime, poverty-stricken area of Miami, Mr. Gabriel was raised by a single mother who died a day after his 16th birthday in connection with alcoholism and domestic violence. In 2003, Mr. Gabriel graduated from the University of Central Florida and made it his priority to positively influence at-risk young males.

To date, Mr. Gabriel has educated more than 400 young men and has an estimated 80 percent success rate of keeping participants from re-entering the juvenile system. He receives no financial compensation for running the program.

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