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Friday, March 23, 2012

2011 Director’s Community Leadership Awards

The Oklahoma City Division is pleased to honor Mrs. Susan Agel, president of Positive Tomorrows, a non-profit school for homeless children. Positive Tomorrows has an average enrollment of 30 to 45 students who represent diverse communities. Through her work, Mrs. Agel helps provide homeless children with an education and emotional support through one-on-one mentoring. By focusing on individual students and providing a support network, the staff of Positive Tomorrows aims to equip homeless students with the education and skills needed to transition into public school.

In 2010, the school received accreditation, which means that students who attend Positive Tomorrows may transition into any public school in the United States. When Mrs. Agel took office in 2009, she vowed to attain the accreditation since so many homeless families are transient.

Mrs. Agel’s dedication and commitment to providing a safe learning environment for homeless children is affording these students a chance to break the cycle and become successful adults. 

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