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Monday, March 19, 2012

2011 Director’s Community Leadership Awards

The Seattle Division is pleased to honor Mr. Paul Bascomb, chair of the African-American Community Advisory Council to the Seattle Police Department (SPD) Coalition. His leadership has led to advances in cooperation between the African-American community and law enforcement.

Through his work, Mr. Bascomb has advocated and practiced patience, communication, and understanding to resolve conflicts. He is an outstanding example of how the development of personal relationships can erase perceptions and enhance communication.

Mr. Bascomb has played an integral role in organizing opportunities for African-American community leaders to advise the SPD about crime prevention, public safety, and concerns the community has about law enforcement. He has also promoted and encouraged cultural competency training for officers while expanding the community’s understanding of the practices and policies of the police department. Mr. Bascomb encourages youth and the SPD to develop healthy relationships through events and workshops that promote public safety. He is also an advocate for police recruitment in the African-American community.

Mr. Bascomb is a 2011 graduate of the FBI’s Citizens Academy and is a member of several local boards and organizations. He was the chair for Project Self-Sufficiency at the Young Women’s Christian Association of Seattle and the committee chair of human resources for the Central Area Youth Association, a Seattle non-profit agency offering tutoring, athletics, life skills, adult programs, and a computer lab.

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