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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bridging Organizational Cultures

Forging Alignment and Capitalizing on Differences

Collaboration among groups and organizations is the working model for 21st century government because it enhances seamless customer service, maximizes resources and translates extremely complex issues to all parties. The very culture of an organization-shared basic assumptions, patterns of problem solving and relationships-is critical to the success of any project or collaborative effort.

This seminar addresses the challenges and opportunities of working across organizational boundaries by identifying and working with subcultures within a single agency. You will learn how to improve the outcome of interagency efforts such as individual projects or task forces. You will also learn how to establish creative, fruitful partnerships among public, private and nonprofit organizations. Working with colleagues from other agencies, you will gain valuable insights into the dynamics of organizational differences as well as how to manage and lead across cultural boundaries.

How You Will Benefit

• Understand the key elements of an organization's culture.

• Map the cultural and subcultural terrains important to your task

• Recognize the potential of these cultures to undermine collaborative action

• Learn how inherited stereotypes, historical mistrust or competition can drive behavior (and how this can be overcome in order to foster true collaboration)

• Apply proven models to your own workplace situation, including strategies for developing productive partnerships and processes for facilitating transitions

• Practice using key tools and skills for effective, innovative work across organizational boundaries

Who Should Attend
Leaders who wish to effect collaborative action across teams, units and other organizational boundaries-for those anticipating these challenges as well as those already in the throes of meeting them.

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