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Monday, January 11, 2010

Assessment of Leaders Skills


The assessments offered below are based on the NASA Leadership Model as revised in October of 2008. They assess individuals' skills relative to the skills of the Model for the leadership roles noted below.

The assessments provide scores for each type of skill in the Model. Low scores in specific skills will result in suggestions for development if an individual asks for them by clicking on the related link at the bottom of the assessment.

Influence Leader: Leaders without formal leadership designations. Examples include individual contributors and leaders of small informal work groups.

Team Leader: Formally designated leaders of intact groups. Examples included, project leader and project manager. Includes leaders who lead without authority for the performance reviews of those on their teams.

1St Line Supervisor: Supervisors with authority for the reviews of the performance of their direct reports. Examples include individuals who lead functional or programmatic areas with formal authority and performance appraisal responsibility. Typically branch level supervisors.

Manager: Individuals who manage functional or programmatic areas and manage lower level leaders. Examples include managers of programs, and deputy chiefs of offices.

Executive: These are the senior leaders of the Agency (Examples include associate administrators, assistant administrators and chiefs of offices.)

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