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Friday, April 16, 2010

International Public Safety Leadership & Ethics Instructor Training Seminar June 7 - 11, 2010

The International Public Safety Leadership and Ethics Institute was developed to bring the concepts of leadership and ethics to the forefront of an individual’s career, rather than waiting until a person is promoted into a supervisory position. This program is based on the belief one need not be a supervisor or manager to understand leadership principles and contribute to the leadership process. A cornerstone of the program is that effective leadership skills and influences are needed at all levels of the organization.

The Program consists of four courses of growth designed to lead the participant on a learning journey, including:

• Developing a personal philosophy of leadership and ethics
• Leading others
• Organizational leadership
• Ethics and the challenge of leadership

This program utilizes the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society Leadership Development Program as a foundational component to the learning process. Through a variety of learning methodologies such as written case studies, video case analysis, and interactive learning processes, the participant will not only study leadership, but will experience leadership within a nurturing, learning environment.

Ideally, the International Public Safety Leadership and Ethics Institute courses will be presented to an integrated group of participants from public safety professions. A focus of this program is to provide public safety members with a greater understanding and appreciation of the mutual concerns and issues, which exist within public safety leadership. Further, it is the goal of this program for each participant to exercise effective leadership in all aspects of life.

The International Public Safety Leadership and Ethics Institute is focused on an established Vision, and supported by the Mission Statement and a Statement of Values and Beliefs.

The vision of the International Public Safety Leadership and Ethics Institute is exceptional leadership throughout public safety organizations.

Our mission is to develop quality leaders at all levels of public safety organizations through innovative leadership and ethics education. This program is designed to have

individuals develop critical thinking skills through four levels of increasingly complex learning experiences.

To achieve this mission we will:

• Assist participants in Developing a Personal Philosophy of Leadership and Ethics
• Guide participants in developing skills for Leading Others
• Prepare participants to act on opportunities for Organizational Leadership
• Guide participants through an in-depth exploration of Ethics and the Challenge of Leadership

Statement of Values and Beliefs

The International Public Safety Leadership and Ethics Institute provides a learning and developmental experience focused on the individual as well as the larger community.

The following values and beliefs are at the foundation of the program:

Leadership is action, not position, and in the context of community, is shared among all members
• Leaders must be able to make thoughtful, critical, and informed decisions
• Leaders inspire a shared vision
• Leaders have a broad responsibility to enhance the quality of life in society
• Communication and trust are cornerstones of successful leadership
• Leaders must truly know themselves before they can understand and effectively lead others
 Leaders value diversity, and believe that diversity fosters learning and creativity
• Leaders are anchored to positive values and ethical decision-making
• Leaders are committed to life-long learning
• Leaders are committed to service

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