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Friday, April 23, 2010

How Can A Leader Challenge His / Her Own Mind To Outsmart The Challenges Posed By Twentieth-One Century? Are there some creative tips to this end?

Friday, April 23, 2010 (NEW)

1.- Picture mentally radiantly. 2.- Draw outside the canvas. 3.- Color outside the vectors. 4.- Sketch sinuously. 5.- Far-sight beyond the mind’s intangible exoskeleton. 6.- Abduct indiscernible falsifiable convictions. 7.- Reverse-engineering a gene and a bacterium or, better yet, the lucrative genome. 8.- Guillotine the over-weighted status quo. 9.- Learn how to add up—in your own mind— colors, dimensions, aromas, encryptions, enigmas, phenomena, geometrical and amorphous in-motion shapes, enigmas, phenomena, methods, techniques, codes, written lines, symbols, contexts, locus, venues, semantic terms, magnitudes, longitudes, “knowledge-laden” hunches, challenges, so forth. 10.- Project your wisdom wealth onto communities of timeless-connected wikis. 11.- Cryogenize the infamous illiterate by own choice and reincarnate (multiverse teleporting out of a warped passage) Da Vinci, Bacon, Newton, Goethe, Bonaparte, Edison, Franklyn, Einstein and Feynman. 12.- Organize relationships into voluntary associations that are mutually beneficial and accountable for contributing productively to the surrounding community. 13.- Practice the central rule of good strategy, which is to know and remain true to your core business and invest for leadership and R&D. 14.- Kaisen, SixSigma, Lean, LeanSigma, "Reliability Engineering" (the former as conceived and developed by Procter & Gamble and Los Alamos National Laboratories) it all unthinkably and thoroughly by recombinant, a là Einstein Gedaken-motorized judgment. 15.- Provide a roadmap for drastically compressing (“crashing”) the time’s “reticules” it will take you to get on the top of the job, nonetheless of your organizational level. 16.- With the required knowledge and relationships imbedded in organizations, create support for, and carry out transformation initiatives. 17.- Offer a tested pathway for addressing the linked challenges of personal transition and organizational transformation that confront leaders in the first few months in a new tenure. 18.- Foster momentum by creating virtuous cycles that build credibility and by avoiding getting caught in vicious cycles that harm credibility. 19.- Institute coalitions that translate into swifter organizational adjustments to the inevitable stream of changes in personnel and environment. 20.- Mobilize and align the overriding energy of many others in your organization. 21.- Step outside the boundaries of the framework system when seeking a problem solution. 22.- Within zillion tiny bets, raise the ante and capture the documented learning. 23.- “Moonshine” and “Skunkwork” all, holding in your mind the motion-picture image that, regardless the relevance of “inputs” and “outputs,” the highest relevance is within the sophistication within the throughput.

By (c) Copyright 2010 Andres Agostini

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