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Friday, February 26, 2010

Going beyond out-of-the-box leadership By Andres Agostini

In leading my own self, I like to execute execution through this:

1.- Picture mentally radiantly.
2.- Draw outside the canvas.
3.- Color outside the vectors.
4.- Sketch sinuously.
5.- Far-sight beyond the mind’s intangible exoskeleton.
6.- Abduct indiscernible falsifiable convictions.
7.- Reverse-engineering a gene and a bacterium or, better yet, the genome.
8.- Guillotine the over-weighted status quo.
9.- Learn how to add up—in your own mind— colors, dimensions, aromas, encryptions, enigmas, phenomena, geometrical and amorphous shapes, enigmas, phenomena, methods, techniques, codes, written lines, symbols, contexts, semantic terms, magnitudes, longitudes, hunches, so forth.
10.- Project your wisdom wealth onto communities of timeless-connected wikis.
11.- Cryogenize the infamous illiterate by own choice and reincarnate (multiverse teleporting out of a warped passage) Da Vinci, Bonaparte, and Einstein.
12.- Organize relationships into voluntary associations that are mutually beneficial and accountable for contributing productively to the surrounding community.
13.- Practice the central rule of good strategy, which is to know and remain true to your core business and invest for leadership and R&D+Innovation.
14.- Kaisen it all unthinkably and thoroughly by recombinant, Gendaken&Gestalt-motorized judgment.
15.- Provide a road-map for drastically compressing the time it will take you to get on the top of the job, nonetheless of your organizational level.
16.- With the required knowledge and relationships embedded in organizations, create support for, and carry out transformation initiatives.
17.- Offer a tested pathway for addressing the linked challenges of personal transition and organizational transformation that confront leaders in the first few months in a new tenure.
18.- Foster momentum by creating virtuous cycles that build credibility and by avoiding getting caught in vicious cycles that harm credibility.
19.- Institute coalitions that translate into swifter organizational adjustments to the inevitable stream of changes in personnel and environment.
20.- Mobilize the overriding energy of many others in your organization.
21.- Step outside the boundaries of the framework system when seeking a problem solution.

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