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Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Report Helps Commands Track Leadership Training

From Naval Education and Training Command Public Affairs

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (NNS) -- The Fleet Training Management and Planning System (FLTMPS) added new reporting functionality to assist commands in tracking their leadership development training, May 2.

Responding to fleet requests for assistance in tracking Command-Delivered Enlisted Leadership Training (CDELT), the Center for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) requested the FLTMPS staff develop a standard report of leadership training for the use of all commands.

"CPPD developed CDELT, and while our instructors do not deliver it, it is an important product line for which we are responsible," said Capt. Chuck Hollingsworth, commanding officer of CPPD. "CPPD has been making a concerted effort to ensure that the fleet documentation requirements and methods required by the training are understood by all units. This report greatly simplifies the process for every unit to check and see who has received the training and who still needs to complete it."

CPPD created CDELT Training following the release of Naval Administration (NAVADMIN) message 272/08, which redesigned first and second class petty officer training to transition it to delivery by the fleet. The courses are comprised of 20 modules including: responsibility, accountability and authority, leadership, professionalism, loyalty, heritage, command climate, teamwork, planning, communication, conflict management, delegation, motivation, stress, diversity, job performance, deckplate leadership, written communications, oral communications, understanding resources, and ethical standards.

The new report has been moved into production and is currently available for all commands to use. The report structure allows users to pull everything from an All-Navy percentage status down to an individual by-name report for a Unit Identification Code (UIC). The structure also allows type commanders, battle groups, major commands, and other special groups to view and export consolidated reports for their units. The reports have drill-down features which allow users to start with high-level reports, and drill down through subordinate levels, all the way to the status of individual Sailors.

"The FLTMPS reports are pretty straight-forward to use, but CPPD is building a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) describing how to access them," said Kevin Ramey, CPPD's requirements manager, who was instrumental in requesting the new report. "We will be forwarding this users' guide to instructors, education counselors, and fleet customers via every means at our disposal to make sure everyone knows how to use this great new resource."

All command training officers who have FLTMPS accounts should be able to access these new reports. Those needing guidance on how to document leadership training completion for Sailors can download instructions from any of the Enlisted Leadership Course pages on NKO. In order to document unit leadership training, training officers will need access to a module known as the Learning Event Completion Form (LECF) and can forward requests for this access to the FLTMPS point of contact.

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