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Friday, March 04, 2011

Five Stars and 30% Percent Off

For a short time, Amazon has placed Leadership: Texas Hold ‘em Style on sale for a nearly 30% discount. This Five Star book is highly recommended by readers, reviews and leaders from every walk of life.

"Many books on leadership tend to be correct in their content but dull in their delivery. In this case the content is superb and the delivery is even beyond that, the comparisons between poker and quality leadership are apt, educational and make this book one that should be read, re-read and intellectually digested."
Charles Achbacher, Amazon Top 50 Reviewer

"It is a non-academic, easy to read, practitioner's guide to leadership in life, everywhere from the coffee shop to the front lines."
Josphe L. Giacalone, Author, Leadership Professor

"This book serves as a great resource and will always be at an arm's reach for years to come."

Andrew J. Borrello, Career Development Consultant

"There are many jewels in this book, waiting to be unearthed by leaders, new or tenured, who have a desire to better understand and implement effective leadership strategies in this very complex arena."
Mitchel Weinzetl, Leadership Author

"Andrew Harvey and Raymond Foster have crafted an exceptionally outstanding learning resource--it is far more than a 'book' if the reader accesses all that is available through their generous and dynamic leadership website--for leaders of every experience level. "Leadership Texas Hold'em Style" is a great read for the young leader starting out with its wealth of ideas and thought-provoking real-world situations. For the very same reason the book has as much or more significance for seasoned folks in positions of responsibility who simply need to continue to improve their level of expertise and excellence."
Major Richard S. Botkin, USMC (ret.)

"The authors of this book are incredibly educated and insightful in their perceptions and philosophies on leadership. They are not writing from theory, they are writing from experience, adding to the credibility factor of this book! The poker analogies used in this book are awesome and very to the point."
R. Temple

"From the beginning on this book captured my attention. And even though I don't play poker, the authors make it easy to apply poker rules and principles to leading and motivating people. The chapters are short and broken up with little tid-bits about poker too."
Thad Forester

"I love the analogy to poker that is used. I love the chapters on teamwork, Morale, organization, change, and importance of being an excellent leader to follow. This book changes the way you look at leadership but also fun to read."
Betty Moffitt

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