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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2010 Director’s Community Leadership Awards

In Philadelphia, Matthew Chea is known for his community leadership work and being a partner of the FBI.

An active member of the Philadelphia Division’s Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee, Mr. Chea has been instrumental in contributing relevant topics for discussion. He also developed and spearheads the Cambodian American Professionals Association—a group that promotes giving back to the community and involvement among young professionals.

Statistics show that few Cambodian Americans graduate from college and many don’t earn a high school diploma. Because of a lack of education, some are stuck in a cycle of poverty. Through his work with the Cambodian American Professionals Association, Mr. Chea has recently raised $2,000 for a scholarship to encourage Cambodian students to go to college. The recipient of the scholarship will receive mentorship while attending college.

Mr. Chea works as a victim/witness coordinator in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. Because he is fluent in multiple languages, he also often serves as an advocate for crime victims of diverse populations.

He also works as a volunteer and is an active member of the Philadelphia Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition and Interpersonal Violence Against Asian Communities Task Force.

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