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Thursday, July 01, 2010

White Paper by Andres Agostini

July 09, 2010 - 7:00 a.m. USA EST

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Andres Agostini: “Follow and institute your own omniscience-driven bliss without innuendos. Thus, demolish this trivial present as your executions are focused (a là Zen) on conceiving, developing and implementing new futures in the as-of-now present and beyond!”

(From: White Papers by © Copyright 2010 Andres Agostini – All Rights Reserved)

When invoking “Everything is related to everything else,” it is succinctly to say (that is) by way of example:

Everything is interrelated to everything else.”

¡°Everything is connected to everything else.”

¡°Everything is interconnected to everything else.”

¡°Everything is intricate to everything else.”

¡°Everything is involved in everything else.”

¡°Everything is inter-associated to everything else.”

¡°Everything is interlocked to everything else.”

¡°Everything is inter-coupled to everything else.”

¡°Everything is inter-joined to everything else.”

¡°Everything is conjoint to everything else.”

¡°Everything is inter-tied to everything else.”

¡°Everything is interdependent to everything else.”

¡°Everything is correlated to everything else.”

¡°Everything is intertwined with everything else.”

¡°Everything is intermeshed with everything else.”

¡°Everything is implicated in everything else.”

¡°Everything is entangled with everything else.”

¡°Everything is entwined with everything else.”

¡°Everything is tangled with everything else.”

¡°Everything is knotted with everything else.”

¡°Everything is interwoven into everything else.”

¡°Everything is engaged with everything else.”

¡°Everything co-depends on everything else.”

# 1.- No success, BUT NOW the accumulation of documented, assimilated and run-able, as well as motorized lessons learned by you and out of your own and especially those acquired by others' wisdom. That is, everyone does his / her own relevant and irrelevant things, as well as everyone does his / her own consequences and responsibilities stemming from said relevant and irrelevant things. Sequels and consequences are mostly static, but sub-sequences that are beyond kinetic, both in the downSIDES and UPsides.

# 2.- No strategies, BUT NOW composite stratagems. Stratagems do not ever make the case, nor the merits, for you to violate timeless morality, principles and ethics. It’s driven by limitlessly practical knowledge to prevent and solve problems. Any growth in every field of knowledge and serious discipline, as any growth in skills and insights and perspectives, is futile and dangerous if it is not engendered and coupled by a MORALITY GROWTH.

# 3.- No faith in luck, BUT NOW ample instituting of applied omniscience. “Lucky strikes” are matters of rigorous – and highly respected – rocket scientists, literally. Practitioners with the utmost perseverance, guided by supreme empirical knowledge, are granted Victory. Remember the DARPA’s adage: “If you’re not failing frequently, you’re not succeeding enough.” It's opportune to mention that the hardest it's to "succeed," say, in "markets" of maximum uncertainties, two things will happen. First, the general entrepreneurial climate will be more and more defying (as per new “normals” and new “abnormals”). Second, your colleagues will make ever-largest efforts to compete "against" you for the same, say, professional service contracts you're seeking. In matter-of-fact talking, your colleague becomes your rival, never your enemy. More “space” for thriving is there in place when you self-educate yourself seriously.

Under the maximum analysis and in actuality, your worst “sworn out” enemy is the one living by mediocrity and ignorance. Those mobilizing mediocrity and ignorance will eternally recur to violations of ethics, morality and principle. They’re insidious contrarians to the Rule of Law and Rigor Juris as they wish for the human race to be declared in Rigor Mortis.

# 4.- No “common sense” of antiquity, BUT NOW profound and thorough, judicious and conscientious judgment and updated, expedient and experienced discernment, adaptable, re-adaptable and upgradeable in real time forever. Let’s get real; the only way to operate is (i) cross-functional, (ii) multidimensional and (iii) pluri-contextual to state it mildly, briefly and overly simplistic. Therefore: (i), (ii) and (iii) above are executed at the same time. Ignoramuses of supine ignorance will insist on shortcutting august bodies of knowledge without knowing the operational consequences, sequels, and sub-sequences. They don't understand and will never understand the pontificated maxim, “everything is connected to everything else.” And to make matters worse, they will deploy and enforce universal and devastating imprudence, imprudence, imprudence and more imprudence. Sufficient tsunamis of imprudence to indivertibly declare a war to a superpower under unprecedented unpreparedness, further imperiling the viability of this planet. The experts in conflict avoidance and conflict negotiation of the Law School at the University of Harvard are most sought around the world. They made tons of publications and you see the entrepreneur “calling names” to the lead (candidate) that is potentially becoming his / her corporate customer.

The Oxford Dictionary defines “prudent”: “(Of person or conduct) careful to avoid undesidered consequences; circumspect; discreet.” Regardless, and unfortunately, the rampage of systematic violation of prudence will be carried on by both genders without a fail.

A U.S. Air Force Colonel who used to repeat it frequently...“it's better to remain silent and be thought a fool that open your mouth and remove any doubt.”

There are many things I like about General David Petraeus (at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Petraeus). One is that he is extremely prudent, civil and courteous. I like he knows well how and when and for how long to exercise his utmost toughness. Don't get me wrong, he will assail Attila and the Huns if his Commander and Chief (C. in C.) warrants it. And to an optimum degree. But this General is the type of statesman that is always dealing with the news corps in correction and kindness to cite a brief example. He would even take the Q. A. sessions from any media stunt and immediately elicit: 1) “This I can inform this media about,” and 2) Because of legal and/or strategic reasons, “This I cannot inform this media about.” He goes out on official commissioning meeting a plethora of diverse people, respecting and honoring even those ones who might be in an antagonistic position with that represented by him, General Petraeus. He's got the superb analytics capabilities, the know-how, an immense ability to go from abstract thinking through specific milestones conquering.

I don't hear him “yelling” but speaking “evenly” and nicely and yet unambiguously. His emotional stability is unbeatable. He's a gentleman and treats everyone as a lady or gentleman. You see, he does not like at all any casualties (in no side). He knows better than anyone else the irreparable cost of blood wasted. He saves his ammo and his best tools are his gestures and crystal-clear thoughts and communication. He is not into demolition but into magnificently building.

Now check the lawyers holding public office at Diplomatic Corps anywhere in the world, making immutable threats from A to Z without measuring the consequences and from a distant place (a bit too hygienic) using said “blood” as “wildcard” arguments to sustain the tenure and perks of their public office holding. Diplomatic corps should be embedded in some military patrols in Afghanistan to feel thousands of “projectiles” fired at them and to shut up their mouth for good.

Most prominent Harvard University's Roger Fisher spoke, at length, about not making “life-to-death” enemies out of everyone and tiny incidents. His calling was about (a) Understanding complexities, and (b) Acting with immense prudence and constructiveness. Mr. Fisher guides his life and profession through extremely sensible judgments and actions. A “role model” to be followed in the West and world. One of his textbooks is outlined at http://amzn.to/a4hLG9

I am certain that Dr. Kissinger can confirm my POV on Mr. Fisher. Do other diplomatic corps around the world have a bookshelf with Fisher’s findings? Before every bee that we wish to make dance like Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire, Do we “tease” it with vinegar or sugar? If we can fix a little misunderstanding with a hard-copy postcard, Why use – metaphorically speaking – a “shot gun” a priori?

# 5.- No perfection, BUT NOW over-practicing towards [capturing in the facts] over-perfection (like NASA's Mars Rovers vastly demonstrated, these are facts and not "figures of speech"). Since you're imperfect but extremely responsible and conscientious and valuable and unique, you manage facts as the maximum perfectionist. When you're a perfect practitioner, there needn't be any perfectionist. Now, it comes to you “first nature.”

# 6.- No breakthroughs, BUT NOW conquering supernatural inventions and discoveries unendingly.

# 7.- No pseudo-serendipities seizing, BUT NOW pseudo-randomized – as well as entirely randomized serendipities capturing and yet pseudo-randomized serendipities indirectly conducted ones into millenniumm-3's Holly Grail Conquests. Conquests are to avoid and solve unknown and known problems, not to seek glories or powers, but to create valuable opportunities sustainably. It doesn’t matter because, when you come to think of it, you can NEVER fall outside of exercising most-indispensable impossible-thinking discernment (that is, if you insist on honorably living in a domicile called Millennium 3). Kindly please forget about the serendipity era by Dr. Fleming. As we reverse engineer any technological device on the face of Earth, by the same token pseudo-serendipities are pseudo-programmed and pseudo-controlled serendipities and otherwise are to be thoroughly besieged by breakthroughs of inventions and discoveries without the anti-Victorian sentiment of the epiphany. Those into mind expansion don’t need epiphany experience in this plane at least.

The Ganges River in India is about 1,560 miles long. In scenario method as applied in Transformative and Integrative Risk Management, you see the genesis of the river and exercise your discernment to gain insight in advance about how the water currents will behave along each step to the final extreme. In this approach, there isn’t a three-scenario limit but unlimited scenario formulation duly prioritized.

# 8.- No uninformed and/or savvy hunches, BUT NOW systematically all-knowingness bliss instituted by an all-out, over-focused and amplified brain, in which every hemisphere of the brain is exceedingly conjugated [in congruity] beyond the whole and/or the sum of the parts. You still have plenty of time before omni-bots take over, believe it or not! Would you love to ask Sir Martin Rees about it (might verify it here by the non fainthearted at http://amzn.to/boqqYf)?

In my 1980 mechanical engineering technology workshop class, we had an experimental “desktop” robot designing to perfection and making sophisticated parts to over-perfection already (American technology). That took place in Montreal’s Dawson College. Now, if the totality of knowledge is doubling between every 5 to 2 years, How many scientific knowledge doublings have taken place since 1980? Some insight on this I elaborated about at http://Future-Elicitation-Book.blogspot.com

Dr. Carol Bilsborough, Ph.D., a friend on mine, got her doctoral degree in the late sixties. In the year 2000, she told me that all over American universities professors and technologies were speaking of having the actual capabilities in place to manufacture everything with half of the then current headcount (manpower). Everyone wishes progress, Doesn’t he / she? These material desires will take us to the Technological Singularity (if the caveat allows it), the same technological singularity taught by NASA’ and Google’s Singularity University.

# 9.- No wizardry, BUT NOW solemn execution and conscientious activation of every neuro-cell and gene and gene clusters through and until over-outcomes completion and completion sustained through times. There is no moment now or ever for ideological or cultural inquisitions or disquisitions as if the ever-Byzantine one attempting to decipher the genders of the Angels and Archangels. For instance, let's be specifically helpful: Can we turn de novo mutations and transmutations into highly desirable and fruitful anti-polymorphisms?

# 10.- No mundane universe, BUT NOW a sacrosanct multiverse, a multiverse with zillion dimensions whose calculations per yoctosecond are unstoppable. Until when? Until Computronium’s last say! In the mean time, scientific knowledge doubling will keep carrying on until what I call the “caveat.” See that “caveat” at http://Future-Elicitation-Book.blogspot.com

In “Leading The Revolution” (2000) textbook, Prof. Gary Hamel makes an important point. Hamel is the chairman to Strategos and Professor to London Business School. There he establishes that, in order to close the leading-edge educational gap worldwide, there needs to be – via the Web – massive formal lectures of 100,000 pupils per each hour. In doing this, you can irradiate hope with grounds and overcome said caveat.

# 11.- No “loud and clear” communication will ever suffice, BUT NOW kind, constructive and unambiguous over-communication with the applied omniscience perspective. Humans are transferring unprecedented levels of complexity, as well as the universe is beyond pronouncing, to everything they do (regardless of your noticing or not of zillion layers of sublimities, subtleties, intricacies and so on). Hence, and unless you have unprecedented dominion in practice of every facet of science of complexities in your framework, please forget mentioning the appalling word “simplicity” and turn it back to honorable Thomas Paine, so that it’s coupled and buried with that reckless lexicon “common sense.

# 12.- No marketing "mumbled chats" by sales reps into snake-oil selling and “charming,” BUT NOW turning your daydreams in turbo-charged drivers of indeed relevant driving forces lucidly, clearly and efficaciously. Remember to forget the waves and heed the underneath currents. Being superficial is a magnificent, yet a petty enchantment by and for the ill, flawed and evil while dis-servicing the humankind further. “Charming” is the ing-form of the plural noun “CHARMERS.”

# 13.- No sales, BUT NOW legitimately profiting from the lucrative redefinition of frictionless capitalism only at the service of the People and for the People and by the People. There is “the People and for the People and by the People” only if these incumbents self-ignite themselves into energetic democracy through pervasively brainy intelligence. If “the People and for the People and by the People” does not take ownership of their rights and duties, somebody else will and ruthlessly. "Self-ignite themselves into energetic democratic" equates to possessing own self-drive for achievement with the Hellenistic perspective.

# 14.- No politics as usual, BUT NOW unusual scientific mind-set with millenary tact and civility extraneous to manipulation, deceit and lie-telling, yet beyond unimpeachable orthodoxy towards relevance and growth.

# 15.- No quick whispered talk, BUT NOW slow and wise. No slow deed BUT NOW light-speed executions with deepest knowledge of your operational achievements. Too many ones wish to ignore, bastardize and satirized theory to “succeed,” as per their flawed POVs, in a blind and effortless “practice” to furthering searching of their own existential undermining (sometimes own devastation). To the ones exercising their own civil rights, there are words of immense precaution. Timely is to remember Einstein’s thoughts, “There is nothing more practical than theory.” Folks, listening to Einstein, get beyond acrimonious and bitter and get unproductive. That is, to achieve or not to achieve what? What is and what is not the strategic end in said folks' pursuit?

# 16.- To this end: U.S. clergyman and academician George W. Rutler, S.T.D. (Doctor of Sacred Theology) clearly stated that compared to the illustration in existence in the Dark Ages was, by far, much more illuminated than that of this era of the global “society of knowledge.” Father and Dr. Rutler is the author of the book: Crisis of Saints: The Call to Heroic Faith in an Unheroic World (ISBN-10: 0824525256). Ruttler added that there is universal grave misunderstanding and permanent and ever-increasing underestimation concerning the enlightenment degree pursued in the Dark Ages, clearly suggesting that said pursue then was much greater then than now. In any field of knowledge, Rutler's intellect is beyond sophistication by any serious measure. Regardless of systems of belief and cosmosvision, I enjoy immensely consecrated intellects that speak of peace and enlightenment search and implementation.

# 17.- This world is immersed in too many global crises. Many sub-optimum strategies are being tried as countermeasures (rampantly failing for over twelve years to our joint disgrace) with outdated and erroneous discernment processes. Priorities, guidelines, protocols, benchmarks, metrics, criteria, profiling, diagnostics are way beyond flawed and incomplete. To shed light Dr. Einstein subsequently indicates: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Dr. Bertrand Russell, along those lines addressing this fashionable “phenomena,” also sentenced: “I know of more people who'd rather die than think.”

# 18.- Around the world, beginning with all kinds of public servants in advanced nations, are freely speaking of two terms. One is “systemic risk” and the other is “volatility.” Ninety-eight percent, being merciful, of said constituents have no idea at all what they’re talking about and sometimes legislating and regulating and reforming frames of reference upon the weakest grounds and most labile merits.

# 19.- No priorities, BUT NOW an structured existential sense of urgency with an august body of new theories and through rampant and refined operational weaponry of organizational management. Again, it’s about extremely practical theories. Some folks are paying great attention but the largest majorities are set to allow their life circumstances to be ruled by limbos. Dr. Henry Kissinger uncontrovertibly indicated, “an ignored issue is an invitation to problems.”

You might like or dislike Dr. Kissinger. But in my view he is the most eminent geopolitical academician and practitioner alive in the world today.

# 20.- No material magnates, BUT NOW spiritual and intellectual tycoons.

# 21.- No more leadership, BUT NOW lavishly solving it all by learning, teaching and question-making within unconditional relevance to both their communities and the world at large.

# 22.- No excellence quest, BUT NOW the re-conceptualization of management's Holly Grail for Life. Unfortunately, the words “excellent” and “excellence” have been worn out impiously. Ergo, we must go back to the scientific method practice and parlance (say, “optimum,” “sub-optimum,” “ineffectual”).

# 23.- No Napoleon Hill, BUT NOW Napoleon Bonaparte and the Industrial Military Complex (including DARPA, NASA, et al.). To the socialistic digerati I call upon his / her attention that the web and the Internet was solely manufactured by DARPA.

# 24.- No “success” accomplishers turned into “masterminds” – so-called –, BUT NOW a roulette “spinner” in a dogged search against ubiquitous Mediocrity Dom and on behalf of crippling the securing of failure in the light of daring maximum uncertainties. There are majorities feeling that they’re prevailing by imposing on themselves the success of failure. They even boast about it. Relax that your Magna Charta allows for you to pontificate on consummating silliness as your own for-Life apostle-hood, as long as you don't damage the innocent by-standers.

If Napoleon Hill is the maximum “mastermind,” What are the lexicons for the ensuing: Moses, Socrates, Archimedes, Newton, Aristotle, Plato, Shakespeare, Bacon, Milton, Galileo, Da Vinci, Kant, Nietzsche, Goethe?

# 25.- No more “street smart,” BUT NOW Silicon Valley' and space-walkers' cleverness, guiding the driving forces in the world, universe and multiverse. You must go to Mars to better understand Earth. As JFK putted it, “We will go to the Moon because it's difficult...”

# 26.- No emotional intelligence, nor political correctness, BUT NOW ethics, morality and principle-center crystallized and galvanized into deeds. Ask Francis Bacon, “baseness” and uncouthness are for consummated losers and flawed doers or un-institutionalized psychopaths that eminent Sir Martin Rees affectionately calls “weirdoes.” He is the English Crown’s top scientist and prominent Cambridge University professor.

# 27.- No IPOs, BUT NOW the starting and blurring flux of betting wildest dreams and nightmares between Vegas and M.I.T., between NASA Ames Research Center and Monte Carlo, between Byzantium and Oxbridge, between the libraries of Alexandria and that of the U.S. Congress.

# 28.- No Sci nor Fi, BUT NOW actionable OmniSci.

# 29.- No more chemistry, BUT NOW most advanced materials science applications.

# 30.- No more quantum mechanics, BUT NOW most advanced nanotechnology applications.

# 31.- No more biotechnology, BUT NOW most advanced biotechnology-and-genomics applications.

# 32.- No more mathematics, BUT NOW most advanced Artificial Intelligence computing applications.

# 33.- No more green energy, BUT NOW getting a perpetual pro bono ride from gravity forces sequestered and modulated onto any commuting and/or mobilizing and/or awaken device, regardless of size and scale.

# 34.- No more insurance, BUT NOW bazaar tokens to gamble your compromised mortgage or business plan against a vivid, uncontrolled hallucination, while your inputted funds are enjoyed à la Dolce Vita by the few reputable, insurers and re-insurers – so-called. What do they insure? Indeed!

# 35.- No more banking, BUT NOW the start-up cost to wasting you 401K as per your own sovereign desires.

# 36.- No more stock options, BUT NOW robust investments in graveyards and coffins, transportable into outer space. Does one need a stock trader to “honestly” broker matters of afterworld and afterlife really? You won’t go cryogenized, Will you? A broker to do what? Isn't there the web and Internet, the grandioset disintermediator indeed, in the first place? In addressing some matters of educational reforms, former British Premier Tony Blair insisted aloud on three words: “EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION.”

# 37.- No more beyond petroleum, BUT NOW the supine ignorance of stewarding Beyond Perils without most advanced risk management both in private, public, NGO and supranational office. The American Negro Foundation, by the way, has a magnificent institutional message: “a mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

# 38.- No more foolishness of Keeping It Simple – Stupid, BUT NOW Keep It Scientific – Savant. Scan around for the right K.I.S.S. Ascertain tisn’t the failing French mode.

# 39.- Challenge yourself, BUT NOW is about over-challenging yourself perennially to over-accomplish eternally and outsmarting legitimate and lawful “rivals.” Honor them and do as Mr. Lincoln, eliminating your enemy by transforming him into your friend. Friend does not equate with an onerous psychiatrist.

# 40.- There are not processes – so-called –, BUT NOW carefully crafted, knowledge-laden transactions whose channels and pathways are being systemically, systematically and holistically considered, strategized, managed, and corrected to indisputably optimum quality results. Optimum quality is a matter of practical and palpable tangibles though there is a huge prerequisite (that must come in early on before), which is represented by the intangibles embedded in the august body of knowledge that secures said practical and palpable tangibles. It is not here connoted “transaction” as a matter of a financial deed but, rather, as an important engineered action of onerous intangibles with the applied omniscience perspective. In matters of great silliness, there are multitudes concerned about the usage of semantics. In matters of great relevance to Earth, there are NEVER multitudes concerned about the optimum usage of semantics.

# 41.- Incidentally and regarding the level of quality, times changes: a) the specifications, b) the expectations, c) the standards, d) the best practices (seriously), and so on. Those “best practices” are under the huge requirement of qualitative overhauling while multitudes insist on worshipping quantitative analyzes to further amplify their own blunders into large calamities. No, no, no. Analytics is about 90% qualitative states and 10% quantitative states (sic). These “states” are impermanent and under forces of flux beyond 3D lateral thinking. Get onboard some tiny bit of vertical thinking as well, among many other amenities. Sir Winston Churchill has many approaches to mind amplification, one of them given to him by a prominent New Yorker.

# 42.- It is not a matter about “thinking out of the box,” BUT NOW it's concerning thinking about this multiverse (multiverse equates to computronium). If the present is a function of the future, Is the multiverse a function of the future too? Or is the future a function of the multiverse? I will be addressing these questions at a later time as some reflections and scientific research becomes available to me.

# 43.- No omniscience, BUT NOW it’s about utilizing optimum applied omniscience to systematically and progressively understand the fundamental mechanisms underlying any targeted component, sub-system and system under and beyond the Sun. Got to go gestalt and Einstenian gedanke. Stay at rest when you notice physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists in a hurry telling you that the human being is not a single system but a “multi-systemic system.” All things considered ultimately, and given the ruling of and by the patrician and patriarch multiverse, any system – when held against taxonomical comparisons before the multiverse – is always a sub-system. We got on the luminescent boat boarded by several patriarchs, including Aristotle and Plato as an infinitesimal fraction of the down payment. The wrong expression is “multi-systemic system” while the undeniable one is “multi-subsystemic system.”

# 44.- Not Anymore:

“Seek and You Shall Find

Ask and You Shall Receive

Knock and the door

Shall be opened.”


“Over-Seek and You Shall Over-Find

Over-Ask and You Shall Over-Receive

Over-Knock and the door

Shall be overly opened.”

# 45.- No “B. S.” term, BUT NOW the universal application – before problem avoidance and problem solution and opportunity creation – of the “D. S.” acronym, that is really: Doctor in Science (D.Sc.). No silly needs here. Doctor is a millenary term that means "teacher." Is there a Doctor in Fine Arts? Don’t we need a Doctor in Fine Arts? Don't ever seek the best teacher you want outside YOURSELF.


St. Ignatius Loyola (1491 – 1556) – founder of the Jesuits – :

“Teach us, good Lord, to serve Thee as Thou deservest;

To give and not to count the cost;

To fight and not to heed the wounds;

To toil and not to seek for rest;

To labour and not to ask for any reward

Save that of knowing that we do Thy will.”

# 46.- NB: As the American sage stated it – seriously speaking –, “every little bit helps.”

In the mean time, the undersigned suggest his own self the ensuing:

“Follow and institute your own omniscience-driven bliss without innuendos. Thus, demolish this trivial present as your executions are focused (a là Zen) on conceiving, developing and implementing new futures in the as-of-now present and beyond!”

P.S.: Take extraordinary measures to avoid rampant imprudent ones.

By © Copyright 2010 Andres Agostini – All Rights Reserved –

Founder, Developer and Sole Proprietor of the:
“Transformative and Integrative Risk Management”



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