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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Delivering Value for Leaders

Editor’s Note: Richard Botkin is a former USMC Major.
By Richard Botkin

March 24, 2010 - Andrew Harvey and Raymond Foster have crafted an exceptionally outstanding learning resource--it is far more than a 'book' if the reader accesses all that is available through their generous and dynamic leadership website--for leaders of every experience level. "Leadership Texas Hold'em Style" is a great read for the young leader starting out with its wealth of ideas and thought-provoking real-world situations. For the very same reason the book has as much or more significance for seasoned folks in positions of responsibility who simply need to continue to improve their level of expertise and excellence.

As I read the book and was underlining idea after idea, I was struck by how critical the information contained in it is for young people. I immediately thought of my oldest son who is set to graduate from college and how valuable the knowledge included herein is. Clearly he will receive a copy from his dad--his own copy since I will continue to refer to the gems identified as I go back to it again and again. Similarly I can think of any number of friends operating at all levels of business who would benefit by the dozens of ideas and practical issues covered.

"Leadership Texas Hold'em Style" is, as mentioned above, the kind of resource, very much like the Bible, something to return to again and again. Be prepared to read it through once highlighting as you go. Then go back and drill down into those portions most germain to your own situation. Check out the incredibly dynamic supplemental website the authors have created and continue to update. This 'book' truly is a superior investment for everyone who is interested in improving his or her impact/positive contribution to any organization--be it family or business or governmental. Harvey and Foster deliver incredible value. Well done!

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