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Sunday, July 26, 2009

American Heroes Radio

July 26, 2009 (San Dimas, CA) American Heroes Radio reorganized its platform and launched a new website today. American Heroes Radio provides a platform for the lives, stories and accomplishments of our American Heroes. Each week, a different member of our military, law enforcement, firefighting and emergency services are guests. Previous guests have included: a World War II fighter pilot speaking about his experiences over Iwo Jima; a Navy captain tell his story of Cold War submarine hunting; an Iraq war veteran who was wounded in the head by an RPG; or, any of the large numbers of interviews of law enforcement officials around the country speaking about their expertise, careers and often hair-raising adventures.

American Heroes Radio now has 63 episodes in the archive and weekly shows scheduled through September 2009. You can explore the radio program here:

American Heroes Radio

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