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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Over 1400 Cop Books

Police-Writers.com is a website that lists state and local police officers who have written books. With addition of a police officer from New Jersey and a police officer from North Carolina, Police-Writers.com now lists 1411 books written by state or local police officers.

Daniel R. DelBagno is a retired captain of police with the Newark Police Department (New Jersey). Currently he is President and Director of Research of the Princeton Educational Research Institute, on of 'the largest and most effective law enforcement entrance and promotional schools in the United States.

Daniel DelBagno is involved in the preparation and administration of law enforcement entrance and promotional tests and is considered to be an expert in the field of law enforcement testing. Daniel DelBagno has written over thirty books in the criminal justice field. He co-authored his most current book, The New Age of Police Supervision and Management: A Behavioral Concept.

According to the book description of The New Age of
Police Supervision and Management: A Behavioral Concept, the book is “packed with the authors' 60 years of time-tested leadership expertise, this managerial gold mine is filled with the knowledge you need to accelerate your career and earn the supervisory positions you aspire to! Easy-to-understand and logically segmented for long-term retention, this guide leaves no stone unturned on the road to higher rank...from detailing the key traits of successful supervisors and understanding the complex world of human behavior to practical advice for gaining respect from the troops and handling difficult, real world challenges within the ranks, from drugs to racial tension.”

Daniel DelBagno’s other works include Crime Investigation Quizzer; Police Sergeant Exam; Police Sergeant Exam: A Step by Step System to Preparing Your Promotional Exam; Attorney General Guidelines Quizzer; Law Enforcement Manual; New Jersey Criminal Justice Code: Attorney General Guidelines Quizzer: and, A Question and Answer Study Guide; Promotional Test Questions.

Brian Voncannon is a retired Deputy Sheriff from Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office (North Carolina). A former SWAT team member, he is medically retired from the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office. Brian Voncannon is also honorably discharged from the United States Army (R) where he served as an infantryman an drill sergeant. When he is not writing, he is involved in martial arts or making handmade Native American crafts. Brian Voncannon is the author of five books: Cherokee Blue Eyes: Keeping the Heritage Alive; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Living With the Unknown; Shadows: Diary of a Ninja; Completing the Circle: The Hathcock Indian Blood; and, Living Behind the Shield: A Modern Warrior's Path to Bravehood.

According to the book description of Living Behind the Shield: A Modern Warrior's Path to Bravehood, “this book offers the reader a glimpse into the very soul of a
law enforcement officer. From the rigors of training to the effects that this career can have on the officer, this book will enlighten the reader whether involved in this field or not. Many unknown burdens of wearing the badge are covered from the author’s own experiences. Although shocking, the realities of law enforcement are revealed from the "driver’s seat". The main thrust of this book is the challenge that officers face each day; however, a message of hope encircles the final chapter. Individuals seeking a career in law enforcement will find the content educational, while veteran officers will see that they are not alone in their daily battles.”

Police-Writers.com now hosts 659
police officers (representing 290 police departments) and their 1411 books in six categories, there are also listings of United States federal law enforcement employees turned authors, international police officers who have written books and civilian police personnel who have written books.

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