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Monday, February 01, 2016

NCOA PME strengthens, molds mentors

by Senior Airman Jonathan Stefanko
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

1/29/2016 - RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany -- Airmen throughout Germany gathered on Kapaun Air Station, Germany, to attend the Kisling NCO Academy's largest professional development course Jan. 22, 2015.

The course covered multiple topics ranging from knowing your role, professional military writing, stress management and much more.

Tech. Sgt. Rigoberto Vasquez, Kisling NCO Academy professional military education instructor, hosted the course to present approximately 135 Airmen the opportunity to learn and grow with hopes of improving their work and home life.

"The courses taught can be used by parents, sons or daughters, spouses, supervisors and subordinates," Vasquez said. "Everything discussed can be applied whether as a refresher or a new skill to add to their tool belt."

Along with discussing the various topics, guest speakers were also invited to tie in their own personal experiences so the audience could see how lessons can be applied.

"There is more to an Airman than a uniform and rank," Vasquez said. "Some of the briefers explained how their mentors helped guide them when they were going down the wrong track, and because someone cared enough to intervene they were able to change their ways and stay in the military."

Learning the importance of being a mentor inspired the crowd to apply these teachings to the way they lead their own troops.

"The one idea that will stick with me is to consider every aspect of a situation," said Staff Sgt. Lynne Penate Morrissette, Kisling NCO Academy commandant support administrator and course attendee. "Being able to recognize stress in your troops instead of thinking the worse could make the difference in their life and at work."

While the course catered more toward younger Airmen, Vasquez mentioned anyone who attends will gain something.

"We don't know it all," he said. "When you listen to the briefers who have years upon years of experience there is always something to gain. We had an audience from junior enlisted to officers and whether it's discussing the importance of knowing your role, ethics, or even staying humble these are skills we can always improve upon."

For more information on attending a Kisling NCO Academy professional development course, call DSN 489-8490.

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