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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Teen Leadership Council application deadline is Nov. 22

11/7/2013 - AIR FORCE PERSONNEL CENTER, Texas -- The Air Force Reserve is looking for motivated ninth- through 11th-graders to serve on its Teen Leadership Council. The TLC is a national group of youngsters selected to help give Air Force Reserve teens a voice in matters that affect them.

Deadline to submit applications for this year's program is Nov. 22.

"The TLC provides a youth perspective in the planning, implementation and evaluation of AFR youth programs," said Penny Dale, youth specialist at the Air Force Personnel Center in San Antonio.

"Council members also identify issues that affect AFR youth, and develop effective strategies and implement solutions to address these issues; speak on behalf of AFR youth at selected functions and programs; and provide leadership at AFR youth programs."

TLC members are required to:
· Attend the Air Force Reserve TLC retreat (expenses paid) Jan. 2-5 in San Antonio.
· Participate in regularly scheduled conference calls and discussions.
· Lead/assist with child and youth programs at AFRC Yellow Ribbon events.
· Identify and accomplish at least one TLC goal/project per year to strengthen AFR youth programs.

The Air Force Child and Youth Programs office is currently accepting TLC applications. Members will be selected to serve either a one- or two-year term based on their age and year in school at the time of selection.

Completed applications and a letter of recommendation should be sent to penny.dale@us.af.mil by Nov. 22.

For more information, call at DSN 969-7251 or commercial 210-395-7251.

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