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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Craft Talk

One of the organizational principles of Rotary is the classification system. That is, a Club should reflect the diversity of its local business environment by limiting the number of people from any industry. You wouldn’t want to have a Club of all lawyers, or all doctors, or all auto mechanics because it would limit the club into at least two ways. First, Rotary is a service organization that depends on its members for their talents. Each member brings their particular skill to our community service projects and the running of the club. Sometimes our community service projects don’t require any specific skills, but often, we undertake complex projects wherein the talents of our members are crucial for success. Just as this diversity in talent enables local and international service, it provides many of the organizational skills that make a club thrive. A second effect of the classification system is giving the Rotarian direct access to other industries through the members. As you know, much of life and business is conducted by referral. By being a Rotarian you have direct and personal access to business and community leaders.

One of the ways Rotarians make use of the classification system is through the “Craft Talk.” A Craft Talk is a portion or perhaps a program within a meeting where members talk about their business. In a semi-formal sense, the person giving the Craft Talk is accomplishing two things: First, to some extent they are promoting their business or organization. Secondly, and often more importantly, they are letting the other members know their talents, expertise and skills so we know who to turn to for advice when we begin our next service project.

The purpose of this discussion thread is a virtual Craft Talk. If you are Rotarian, tell us about your business - your skills and talents. You don’t have to be a member of the San Dimas Rotary Club – just a Rotarian. Visit us, tell us about yourself at:


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