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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

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Both are consistent with the university’s mission to foster creative leadership through socially relevant degree programs

Union Institute & University (UI&U), a private, non-profit university headquartered in Cincinnati with centers in Sacramento and Los Angeles, Miami, and Montpelier and Brattleboro, VT, today announced the launch of two programs: the Bachelor of Science in Emergency Services Management (ESM), and Bachelor of Science in Leadership. The two new degree options reinforce the university’s commitment to provide timely, relevant degree options to adult learners.

BS in Emergency Services Management

The new ESM major is ideal for both those already in a career related to emergency services or disaster response, and those seeking to join a rapidly growing field.
Jobs in emergency services have grown since the September 11 terrorist attacks and Hurricane Katrina. According the recent careerbuilder.com article, “Seven emerging jobs poised for growth,” jobs in emergency services are estimated to grow by 7-13 percent in the upcoming years. “Our world is changing and, despite the economic outlook, the field of emergency service continues to grow,” said Dr. James Rocheleau, dean of UI&U’s California centers.

UI&U’s emergency services management program prepares graduates for careers in emergency services industries where a high level of understanding in organizational dynamics and interpersonal skills are required. Graduates of the program will be able to solve administrative problems, fine-tune strategic plans, enhance human resource potential, increase productivity, and address internal organizational issues. “We are essentially preparing learners for leadership roles within the field of emergency service,” said Dr. Rocheleau.

Learners in the ESM program have several degree completion options. They can attend on-ground classes that meet face-to-face five times in an eight-week session or select a distance learning option and earn eight credits in eight weeks. Learners may also be able to transfer credits from other regionally accredited colleges and universities and request credit for knowledge gained outside the classroom through work or professional experience. Law enforcement officers and firefighters may be able to apply credits earned in their training towards their ESM degree requirements.

BS in Leadership

Union’s new Bachelor of Science in Leadership program is tailored toward the learner’s chosen career path.

Dr. Carolyn Turner, dean of Undergraduate Studies at the Cincinnati Center, is serving as the program’s chair. “Learners will work with faculty who will help them design and follow a degree plan that suits their chosen profession. It is an ideal program for those in business, the arts, information technology, health professions, culinary studies, and in non-profit management,” said Dr. Turner. “The leadership major is really for anyone who wants to make lasting change in their professions. Learners will learn how to articulate a perspective on power in the world and forge their own place in the global community,” said Dr. Turner.

Learners will apply, analyze, and evaluate a variety of concepts and theories of leadership to their own professional practice experiences; discuss and evaluate effective management and leadership behaviors and their implications in professional practice; and describe the connections between ethics and leadership. In addition, they will learn to apply ethical principles to issues in their chosen practice; deepen understanding of the complexity of leadership and how to enhance their capacity to be effective leaders in their chosen field; and identify, assess, lead, and manage change in the professional environment.

For more information on the new Emergency Services Management program contact Fatemeh Fazely, faculty advisor, at fatemeh.fazely@myunion.edu or 800-486-3116, ext. 1511. For more information on the BS in Leadership program, contact Victor Gray, BS enrollment counselor at 800.486.3116, ext 1241 or victor.gray@myunion.edu.

Union Institute & University is a private, accredited university that has, since 1964, redefined higher education by placing learners at the center of their own education. Union serves more than 2000, self-motivated, socially conscious adults in rigorous faculty- mentored programs without interrupting professional, family, and community commitments. UI&U offers individualized programs of study leading to the baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral degrees. In addition to its distance learning programs, academic centers are located in Cincinnati (OH), Los Angeles and Sacramento (CA), Miami (FL), and in Montpelier and Brattleboro (VT).

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