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Monday, November 03, 2008

No More “My Way or the Highway”: Embracing the 21st Century Workforce

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On November 19, 2008, the National Institute of Corrections will host a live 3-hour satellite/Internet broadcast to provide an overview of the divisions related to generational differences and how to address them.

Collaboration within today’s multigenerational workplace gets everybody involved with a common goal. Today’s workforce poses both challenges and opportunities for agency leaders. Developing effective strategies to recruit, communicate, train, retain, and lead staff is essential to high performance.

Is your organization looking for answers to the following questions?
Why don’t the younger staff act more like me?
Why don’t these boomers just retire and give me a chance to promote?
How do we begin to prepare new
leaders given our fiscal circumstances?
What does the future of our organization look like? Who’s next?
How do we prepare the next generation of
leaders? (“Building the bench.”)
How do we help the last century’s workforce evolve into the new century’s workers?
Does your mission/vision statement reflect a commitment to staff?


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