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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dynamic Leadership for Law Enforcement

The Broomfield Police Department, CO, is hosting an intensive 3-day Dynamic Leadership for Law Enforcement course from October 13th to October 15th 2008. Designed for new and experienced sworn and civilian lead persons, first-line, and middle-management level supervisors, the course will be presented by the Alpha Group Center for Crime and Intelligence Analysis and taught by Chief Karin Montejo, a 28-year veteran of the Miami-Dade Police Department.

Recognized internationally for her management expertise, Chief Montejo has presented seminars and workshops both nationally and internationally for a variety of
Law Enforcement organizations including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

This three-day (24 hour) "hands-on" program provides participants with techniques they can use immediately to define their
Leadership styles, build highly productive teams, and motivate their people to superb levels of peak performance. Students also learn how to adopt the language of Leadership, how to eliminate speech habits and behavioral gestures that sap their power and diminish their credibility, and how to use a variety of tips and techniques to identify and resolve a multitude of workplace problems.
Additionally, participants will be shown how to identify and respond to various personality types and how to establish effective communications between them.

Presented in a "learn-by-doing" format, the course additionally focuses on how to transition successfully from being "one of the guys" on Friday to being "the boss" on Monday, how to gain the respect and cooperation of team members, how to resolve conflicts, and how to get people to work together harmoniously to accomplish organizational goals. As such, others who will benefit from this course include current supervisors who want to broaden their knowledge of and increase their exposure to a variety of
Leadership skills and techniques, and those planning to apply for a supervisory position who desire to increase their competitive edge.

Each participant will receive a copy of Chief Montejo's Dynamic
Leadership for Law Enforcement publication as well as a CD containing many public domain and government references highlighted throughout the course. Also included on the CD is a "favorites" folder that contains a multitude of Internet links that can easily be added to Internet browsers.

Tuition for the course is $425 and includes the three days of instruction, the text, and all related course materials.

To obtain a course brochure, additional information, or to register for the class, interested persons should contact Diana Olson of the Alpha Group at (909) 484-2169 or contact by e-mail at: crimecrush@aol.com or Tim Black, Broomfield
Police Department, 720-887-2080, email tblack@broomfield.org Additional information about the content of the course may be found on the Alpha Group Center website at www.alphagroupcenter.com

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