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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Building A Great Place For People To Work

A Blueprint for Successful Human Capital Leadership

How do you build a great public service organization that meets the intensified expectations of governing in today’s environment? How do you energize the people in it to produce consistently excellent results? This seminar is for
leaders who need answers to these key questions. The course provides a design for “people practices” that make a difference—recruiting, developing, motivating, and succession planning approaches that work for your employees and your organization.

You will begin at the foundation: a comprehensive
assessment of your organization’s health to see how it compares with the latest in human capital management. Then you will look at the framework of agency culture and dynamics to identify opportunities for transformation. Discussing the principles of building a great people organization with seasoned executives will complete the structure. As a special bonus, a group of new recruits will share perspectives on what is meaningful to them, what drew them to the Federal workforce, and what inspires them to become our next generation of leaders.

How Will You Benefit
Appreciate the importance of a comprehensive approach to transforming Federal human capital practices
Learn how to launch and implement a succession and
leader-development strategy
Develop your organization’s culture as the framework for a healthy and successful public service agency
Devise strategies to develop a climate of encouragement and learning
Learn from other
leaders who have successfully retooled their workforces
Gain special insights from high-potential recruits who have recently chosen public service as a career


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