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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Situational Leadership® II for Law Enforcement Training Program (SLTP)

The role of the law enforcement supervisor and manager has changed. In the past, supervisors and managers were expected to be the boss, evaluator, judge, and critic. In today’s rapidly changing world the authoritarian manager that valued compliance, conformity and command control hierarchies will not be able to keep up with the pace of change. Today, the law enforcement manager and supervisor must become a partner, facilitator, cheerleader, supporter, and coach in order to be successful. As law enforcement leaders, our task is to accomplish the organizational mission by means of our greatest resource, our people. As law enforcement leaders, we must understand that the value of diversity is that each individual brings his or her unique experience, skills and commitment to the organization and its mission. Today’s law enforcement leader must be able to successfully use a variety of leadership styles depending on the task, mission, and individual. Situational Leadership® II can provide you with a variety of leadership tools that can enhance your effectiveness and success as a supervisor, in this rapidly changing world.

This program teaches the
leadership model developed and perfected by Dr. Ken Blanchard, and his colleagues at The Ken Blanchard Companies. The FLETC Law Enforcement Leadership Institute (LELI) and The Ken Blanchard Companies have collaborated to customize the program for law enforcement leaders and managers. It provides a unique opportunity for law enforcement professionals to not only refine their supervisory and leadership skills, but more importantly, to use SL® II to develop their people.

The instructors are current or former
law enforcement professionals and have been qualified by The Ken Blanchard Companies to present the program. These professionals bring a unique understanding of the law enforcement culture, and practical knowledge of how to meet the challenges that face a law enforcement supervisor in operational settings.

Participants in this program will gain an understanding of how to apply Situational
Leadership® II in both their personal lives and their law enforcement careers. Participants will explore topics to develop skills using an adult learning model that employs lecture, case studies, practical exercises, and self-directed learning. This program is highly participatory and hands on.

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