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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Asymmetric Marketing

Although directed at technology companies, Joe Bentzel’s book is applicable to any business in the 21st Century. As a small business owner, Joe’s explanations on identifying “ecoregions,” working in the “sandstorm” and customer barrier management were particularly useful to me. In addition to providing ideas on how market and sell your product, Joe provides historical insight into the development of today’s software industry giants. His look at the past becomes an excellent lens from which to view the present and future as it relates to penetrating global markets and business leadership in the 21st Century. Perhaps the most refreshing part of the book is Joe’s efforts to put to sleep the mistaken ideas about the “new economy.” It’s not the next “killer app,” it’s the business leader (like Carnegie, Huntington or Rockefeller in the 19th Century, or Google, MSN or Yahoo in the 21st Century) that understands and applies the market rules to their business model. Simply put, Joe demonstrates it the people, not the technology. A final note, Joe’s writes in an easy to read and entertaining style. His use of metaphor helps the reader digest complex concepts. And, if you he provides interesting insight into a few of the coming “corporate showdowns” in his industry. If you want to compete in the 21st Century you need a copy – strike that – every member of your senior staff needs a copy.

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