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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Web for Leaders

An ignorance of the language and capabilities of Internet-based tools creates a situation where today’s leader cannot see how their organization’s website can be fully integrated into their current organizational practices or integrated into their vision of the future. The purpose of this briefing is not to give the leader a working knowledge of the Internet, but to give them an entry into the language and capabilities of Internet-based tools so they can integrate their vision; converse with subordinates; and, maximize their existing Internet-based resources.


1. Technical versus Social Construction
Synopsis: A brief exploration of Internet-based tools when viewed from the perspectives of those which are technical as opposed to those which as socially constructed.

2. Communicating Internally
Synopsis: An overview of how an organization’s website communicates vision, values and mission to members.

3. Building Community
Synopsis: An exploration of how building a body of knowledge about your product or service leads to 1) use by the community other than generation of sales 2) can lead to future clients.

4. New Clients
Synopsis: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is only partly about search engines finding your organization. It is primarily about creating a website which is found when your future client is searching for something you produce. SEO is knowing your organization’s strengths; how those strengths are perceived by your potential client; and, how your future client is searching on the Internet. Most SEO focuses on people being able to find you, this focuses on you understanding potential client needs.

5. Client Loyalty
Synopsis: By folding the first four concepts into “client loyalty” the goal for the organization is to become a resource rather than a website. Your organization’s website becomes a place to which people are referred within their own social networks as well as a virtual location recognized by search engines. Lastly, this broaches the idea of creating a social network with your organization near a web- based community focal point.

Time: 2 hours

About the Presenter: www.police-technology.net/raymond.foster.cv.html

Cost: $550 plus travel expense

Contact: raymond@hitechcj.com

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